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S Starts With Tiger

During dinner, Jet was coloring letters in a Garfield coloring book and asking what the letters were.

"Garfield starts with a "G""

"G. What's this letter?"

"A." etc..

We went through them all and he started saying "S Starts with Tiger" and "I starts with Jet."


Also, when we came to the "I" Jet said, "I know what that is!" "What?" "It's a one!!" "Yay! That's right! It's also an I, but it sure looks like a one, too!"

After dinner we went to a liquor shop. As we were walking over there, John read, "Wine and Spirits. Which do you like better, Jet, Wine or Spirits?"

Promptly, Jet answered, "Spirits. They're like monsters."

Both John and I were pretty surprised. "Yeah. I guess they are like monsters," I said.

"You have to hit them. And don't let them touch you! They're scary." stated Jet, matter-of-factly. Then he went on, "They're like 'sparaguses, too." Something mildly incomprehensible. "That makes 'em fruit snacks, too."

"Fruit snacks? You are our son." Spirits to asparagus to fruit snacks... quite the conceptual leap. Then John remembered that Jet's fruit snacks have, lately, been Veggie Tales fruit snacks which includes Junior Asparagus, so not THAT huge a leap unless one is uninitiated in the ways of the Jet.

On the way home, he was peering out the back of the car, as he's asked to be backwards for quite some time. He saw a truck. He played with a drink holder, until we told him that we wanted him to stop. He finally stopped when we threatened to turn him forwards again. Then he started saying, consistently, "I'm 'noxious! I'm a'noxious! I'm a'noxious!" It was pretty funny.

Oh! One really cool thing is that when I went to buy my wine the clerk carded me! Woohooo!! He thought it was funny that I was actually giggling over getting carded. But, man, even if they card everyone that looks 30 and under... that's a decade 'off' my age. Hee. It amused me and made my evening more fun. Jet asked, "Why Mom being silly?" Hee.

The clouds looked really, really nasty. Huge and black with heavy spikes of lightening. The TV's power supply's on the fritz and we had to get home in time for two little, old men, to come and take it to their shop to see what's the matter with it. Jet greeted 'em with, "The TV's broken. It needs to get fixed." Hee.

My day was very, very busy. Good but real busy. John and Jet had bicycle adventures all over town, a good nap, good food, and then some park time as well. So they did good, today.

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