Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Playing Hard

I got to church early, after a quick stop at the KingSoopers to get a variety of creamers. Some folks really like the non-dairy creamers and I can't blame them. No saturated fats is a useful thing. So I bought bottles of the stuff along with half and half for the purists, and then went to the church to make coffee. The ladies that were setting up for snack were already making coffee as well, and I simply took over from where they had already gotten. It was nice of them and I thanked them for their work. There's still plenty of coffee for another week or two, actually, so even if I don't get my act together this week and order coffee, it should be okay...

I didn't finish until John and Jet had already moved into the sanctuary and John was already up in front, with Jet, telling folks that we were contemplating buying a bunch of coffee. So I sat down, and waited for them. It was a good service. Afterwards Jet ran like crazy. He followed Tanner and the other kids around and around and around. So when John took him home, he slept like a log.

John and I had lunch, then John went to sleep. Tonya said that Jet was welcome over after his nap, so when Jet woke up I took him over there. They, however, hadn't had their nap, yet, so I went home, set a timer for 30 minutes and wrote like crazy for thirty minutes, and then another fifteen. When I went over, Jet was okay to go, and Tanner and Macy were going to nap soon, so it was good timing I also got to sign us up to make ice cream on Saturday.

We came back vegitated for a while. John woke up after a three hour nap and seemed to feel mildly better. We went to the grocery store and got some food. They had wild sockeye on sale! Yay! So we bought some. The fishmonger at the counter had no problem with me smelling the fillets. This is quite the contrast to the Safeway fishmonger who always says, "Let me get something from the back..." Safeway always makes me wonder just how bad the display stuff is. At KingSoopers, though, the guy didn't hesitate and cheerfully packed two tail end fillets for me. Wow.

So we came home. I cooked a fast meal, and we ate. Jet had a rice ball with fish and seaweed. It rained and rained some more.

I have been really enjoying the rain. The newspaper said that, in June, Colorado, on average, gets more rain that Seattle does! I hadn't known that. This year, though, it's already about half an inch more than even the average. There are actually mushrooms in the lawn! I am amazed and amused and appreciative of the water. The tomatoes and all my herbs are huge compared to normal and the lawn is actually, naturally green. We haven't had to water it much at all. I'm very glad of that.

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