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A Not-So-Off Day

Normally, I have today "off" and it didn't work out that way at all compared to last week.

John stayed home as he really wanted to do our garage sale for the morning. So he and Jet manned the tables for the early morning, until I got up, had some coffee, and then I joined them for a while. At 9:30 I had my meeting. The follow ups to the meeting were not easy, though. John left immediately after my meeting, and Jet and I stayed out in the garage with my laptop while I tried to deal with the aftermath of the meeting. He and I 'played store', in Jet's parlance, though he insisted that some things that were for sale really weren't.

When I got a good look at the table, I took a few things off, like the one pair of sandals that do fit Jet. The monkey that Genevieve gave Jet which Jet carries around all the time calling it "My baby monkey!". Jet loves the thing when he remembers it exists and even if he didn't play with it I'd want to keep it for myself. It's cute and cuddly and has a bean bottom to make sure it sits up right. I have a funny feeling that Jet might have left the monkey in the bin himself after playing with it for a bit or something.

Ladies came by. Ladies bought random things. I Eleven dollars here, two dollars there, one lady was quite willing to pay a buck for our dying DustBuster even after I told her that the battery was dying. Truth in advertising. It's worth a dollar to try it. A few dollars here and there for things we had been thinking of giving away in the end... but it was good to get something for them. We've been cleaning things out ever since the move, putting into boxes the things we were going to sell today. So there was a good collection of Stuff. The biggest draw, though, was the futon. Five different folks looked at it and wanted it. It was the 15-year-old purple futon we'd gotten, with the mattress that was so flat even baby Jet didn't sleep well on it. But the frame's still really good. And for thirty bucks... it tempted a lot of people, the hard part was hauling it away.

Finally a Mexican lady came by and paid the money for it and said that she'd come by later to pick it up.

Of course, she didn't quite say when she was going to pick it up...

John came home at 12:30 to put everything away and have some lunch. We did that, and Jet had some lunch, too. He and I then sat in the rocking chair, with a chocolate milk, and he went to sleep. I put him into his bed, and finally got around to all the things that I wanted to get to on the computer. By the time he woke up again, I was pretty exhausted, and he and I just played with toys, watched TV, and had a snack together. That was a good, lazy way to spend the rest of the afternoon. But then the clouds started gathering, and the lady still hadn't picked up her futon, so Jet and I grabbed the futon and hauled it into the garage. Ugh.

The rain was brief but fierce and I was glad I'd put it under cover.

When John came home, I was exhausted, so we got Jet into the van and did some errands. Going a few places to shop. On the way home, I saw Sakura, so we stopped there for dinner. I was surprised to find it relatively unpacked when we got there at 6:30. We got an instant table, and then had a light, sushi dinner, and they had plain noodle soup on the menu. So we got Jet a bowlful of those, and he dug in with gusto until the saw my flying fish roe sushi!! He grabbed the piece, ate the eggs from the top of it, and then started eating the seaweed and rice as well. The chef hadn't put any wasabi in it, so Jet ate the whole thing with gusto. I was amazed. But he ate the whole thing, and then finished half his noodles and soup on top of it. He also had a glass of milk and drank the whole thing. So he had a good dinner compared to normal. I guess he was hungry.

When we got home and opened up the house to the cool, rain-soaked air, the family came for the futon. We opened up the garage, they hauled it out and away. Wow. It sure feels good to get those things to other people, where they might get used. There has just been so much stuff we moved with us from Seattle that we just don't use anymore. It's just good to have that stuff no longer weighing on our conscience. I should have gotten rid of the papa-san as well. Hee.

It was a mildly weird day. Too much work in it for my day off, I think.

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