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I think both John and I have Jet's cold, now. He was kind enough to share it. Ugh. And he's not really over it, yet, either.

But he went, quite cheerfully, to Brenda's, and had a good time. He didn't nap long, but he did eat something for lunch and skipped a snack of grapes (though I remember him eating grapes once...). Jet had rice and sauce and sprinkles (both rainbow and fish... he's odd, he ate all the sprinkles together before smashing his rice ball with a spoon and then eating that in a puddle of soy sauce). We had a quick pasta dinner as John wasn't home until 5:30, and it was raining hard when he finally got home.

We watched and played the Gromet game as we were all pretty much mindless zombies.

Things got a bit complicated when Coffee Jones called back with information on the cost of everything and we'll just order things now that we know. John has pounds he knows folks want to order, and I know what I was thinking of doing for the church for the month, but given freshness concerns, I may well just order the stuff in one pound bags for the summer. We'll have to see. Plus I wanted to but never got around to asking folks at work if they wanted to order coffees, too.

I can now see why Coffee Jones has such a hard time selling their coffees. They're so unorganized it's almost funny. They don't have a complete and real wholesale price list, they don't highlight their best selling point, that they have Free Trade coffees for reasonable prices, in a clear and consistent manner. They don't even have prices for the blends. They have a full retail list on thiner web site, but they have no one that is comfortable with answering their email. They love coffee and love playing with coffees, but they certainly have no love for selling the stuff. But they are great about things like getting the coffee to people while it's fresh, they'll deliver to my door at no charge, and they'll do a bunch of things for the sake of the coffee, but not for the sake of the business.

Weirdly enough, I may well have more of the skills they really need for their business. It would be odd to retire to sell coffee. *grin* Though John broached that subject while we were at their cupping, and they said, "Sure! We could use you, there's way too much to do..."

Work was okay. I took my Zicam on a regular basis and it made my sore throat go away, for the most part, and has made work bearable, if not totally a picnic. I have another 8 am meeting tomorrow, so I'd best get to sleep. John went to sleep when Jet woke up, the first time, from me trying to get him to sleep. I think Jet may well either have another cold or the throat is finally getting to him... or... it may well be that I gave him the cold that I now have... and he's cranky from a sore throat himself... I don't know. So many germs, so little energy... bleh.

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