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Celebrating the Fourth

A tiring day, but a good one.

We started at church, with a Big Box of coffee from Coffee Jones. We left it in the church, under the coat rack, and went out to sit under a tree and listen to the service. Jet went with the kids to kids' church, and came dancing out on Michael's footsteps when they locked themselves out of part of the building. I thought he wanted me. But when I picked him up, he wiggled loose and went back with Michael to do what the other kids were doing. Afterwards, Peter stopped me to tell me that Jet's dancing is incredible. Now I have to try and see it, sometime. Both Brenda and Peter have now told me this, and I want to see for myself, sometime.

After church was an ice cream social, but someone made coffee anyway, to satisfy the traditionalists. That was good.

The ice cream we'd made, yesterday, with Tonya, was pretty incredible. Pure cream with sugar and vanilla was a bit much. It was really, really creamy. *grin* And good with toppings. There were also fruit ice creams, chocolate ice cream, and another tub of vanilla. Good stuff, all, but we ended up with half a cannister of melted ice cream. So we'll probably have to add milk or something to it and then re-freeze it. Luckily, we have all the stuff to do so.

John and I, between us, sold a bunch of the Free Trade coffee. Not enough to completely cover our expenses, but, given that it was a holiday weekend, we did pretty good. We'll have to get more decaf next week, but other than that, I think we did okay. It was kind of stressful, though. John figured out all the accounting, and we now have an in/out single account just for the coffee, and they'll cut a check when we send in the requests for various things. I have to talk to the coffee lady, though, to be sure that she knows that I'm supplying the church now, with the 'good stuff'.

I think I'll try and sell the leftovers to co-workers at work, or just bring it all again next week or something.

We went home. Jet fell asleep. John and I had lunch. John went down for a nap. I took a twenty minute nap. Jet woke up. He and I played for quite a while, both downstairs and up. We did some video games, some playing in the backyard, some stuff all over. John woke up from a three hour nap.

We then went to see Spiderman 2. It was a blast. Jet loved it and he really loved his little tray with popcorn, a drink, and some candy on it. I swear I am happier with him in training pants and/or a diaper during movies, as then we don't have to try and get out to go to the bathroom for him. He was pretty happy with the arraignment as well, he enjoyed the movie tremendously, and went to the potty afterwards, with us. The movie didn't scare him and he really liked talking about it afterwards.

We headed home, intending to grocery shop and then find a parking spot at Target or Home Depot for the fireworks at the Boulder County fairgrounds. But we hit a traffic snag. So, instead, we went home, made sandwiches for everyone (Jet said, "I want a peanut-butter jelly sandwich with just the jelly! Just jelly!"), packed fruit, chips, and limeade as well and went an hour early only to find both parking lots nearly full!! So much for being 'early'. We parked, put up the table and ate in the Eurovan. Jet watched, wide-eyed, all the kids with all their fireworks all around the van. But he managed to eat some of his sandwich, a few chips, and a quarter of an apple before we finally said, "Okay..." and hopped out to stroll around the parking lot and see all the boxes of fireworks being lit. The late rains have really helped make that possible. Last year and the year before setting off fireworks was illegal. This year, though, it's entirely legal and all the fund-raisers went wild.

We saw some things, and five minutes before the show, we went back to our van, set up our lawn chairs, sat down and the sky started to bloom with light.

We got to see all the things we saw Thursday AND some gorgeous extras. Rings with stars in them. Doubled hearts. Planets with rings of other colored lights around them. Falling stars with sparkling tails that did the same random acceleration in other directions thing that we were so amazed by with the other display.

Quite a few shells had tracers on them, so that they would leave a trail of light as they went up. Jet called those, "Spaceships!" And started chanting, "Spaceship! Spaceship! There's another spaceship!" Over and over when there was a string of them. He called the double rings "Butterflies!" and really enjoyed some shocking pink flowers and the sparkling rocket that arched high in the air on plumes of light. He was so excited and so tired that he was jumping in all directions in overload. He couldn't sit still in his chair, and ended up flipping himself over a couple of times before finally doing it so hard he skinned his hands and knees. He cried a little while, but I tucked him into my lap and he calmed down enough to be able to see things. He seemed to really enjoy it now that he was in my lap and truly watched them through the whole finale of lights. It ended like a fountain of fireworks, each explosion just adding to the light until it finally crescendoed and then faded away. There was much rejoicing. Hee.

Then there was much stoppage of traffic.

Took us about three-quarters of an hour to go three miles to home. We stopped, at the very start, and just didn't turn on the engine as our portion of the lot was just grid-locked. Jet was whimpering mildly about his owies, so we stopped, John got out the HUGE First-Aid kit and washed Jet's owies and put antiseptic cream and true Band-Aid® adhesive bandages on them. Jet said thank you for the help, and then settled into his seat, and before we'd even turned on the engine, he was asleep.

It was 10:20, so I wasn't that surprised.

We got home at 10:45, John just put Jet into bed. We went to sleep, too. Tired.

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