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Making Ice Cream and Visiting the Mountains

I woke up sick. Coughing the same lung cough that Jet has had lately. I didn't feel at all good, so I slept in late, had some breakfast (John had made waffles and bacon for himself and Jet, and the two of them ate all the bacon because Momma was sleeping in late. *grin* Not that there would have been enough of it for all three of us anyway, I think...) and then went back for another nap while the boys mowed the lawn.

When I was up again, we had some lunch. Then we did a few errands and Jet said that he wanted "a little ride" to help him nap. So we did recycling, got a new tank of propane for the mosquito trap, and did a few things before Jet was fast asleep. We took the van to Tonya's (as she said that she'd like some help making ice cream) and tucked Jet away in a back, upstairs bedroom and then proceeded to make six quarts of ice cream, with real cream. There was a recipe on a card that we used. It was just cream, sugar, vanilla, and a trace of salt for taste. It froze in nearly no time at all. I was very impressed. And it was really, really good stuff.

The little electronic ice cream maker that Tonya had borrowed just died completely. The engine wasn't particular good or strong, and it just couldn't keep up with the freeze, at all. So we decided that the six quarts we'd made would be plenty. Yay!

Jet woke up as we were finishing things off. He played quite happily with the kids for a good half an hour while Tonya went over her scrap book of their trip to get Macy from China. It's pretty incredible stuff. Like a picture of the concrete hole in the wall with just one wooden table that the locals called "the clinic", which was where Macy was left as a baby. Many gorgeous and beautiful things, too, and so much detail captured in a single book. Now I can really see the allure of scrapbooking, of having this kind of record of ones life... just what I needed. Another hobby that appeals to my ability to obsess. *grin*

From there, John loaded us all into the van, told Jet we were going into the mountains, and then we hit King Soopers to get a card and a few things before going up to Jeff, Tessa, and Jacy's house. Took us a while to get up there, and we passed by three or four houses we'd looked at when we first came to Colorado. The Eagle's Bluff ramen house was still there, as beautiful and as expensive as it ever was... but wow the canyon there is so gorgeous...

It was Jeff and Tessa's anniversary. They'd invited a bunch of work people and Ultimate people, and it was a party. Unlike other parties in the past, I had this gorgeous excuse to not party when I didn't want to. I played with Jet and the other kids, ostensibly being the "adult" supervision. Mostly insuring that they didn't kill each other and verbal disputes about "HE WON'T SHARE!" were handled equitably and to the content of all involved. It occupied me briefly enough, and I could enjoy the Ranier cherries, guacamole, chips, crackers, Brie, and smoked cheddar as I wished. Jet ate more cherries when he found out that there were ground squirrels and chipmunks in the backyard and they would eat the "nut" he pulled from the cherries themselves. He would eat them as best he could, spit out the "nut", and then chuck it, with all his might, at the squirrels. His aim was terrible, which was good for the rodents, as they didn't even have to dodge and could get a good snack.

The grill got heated up. Burgers made by an inexperienced burger chef were too thick and wildly varied in amounts of doneness, given that the household was mostly vegetarian and almost totally organic, that may well have been something to expect. The brats, being pre-cooked, did much better. The grilled vegetables were just a mite crunchy to my taste; but still good. Jet made a meal of crackers and cheese, blueberries, cherries, and lemonade. He would probably not have eaten anything, given that he was deeply engrossed in marbles, a huge puzzle, and a swinging chair other than I asked him, "Would you like to eat something?" at about 8 pm. He responded quite well, and ate quite well when not distracted by all the other kids who had already gone home to go to sleep.

We left at 9. Jet was asleep soon after. We got home. John put Jet to bed. I put some things away, went upstairs, and there was wild crying in Jet's room. Jet was awake. Pajamas, brush teeth, nurse, and he was back asleep again, pretty easily, and his room, finally, got a chance to air out. The house had gotten pretty warm during the day, and Jet's room had been really warm. By the time Jet got back to sleep it was much better, and I think he slept just fine afterwards because of the temperature change.

I feel pretty drained, with all the activity and the cold; but I think I felt a lot better this afternoon than I have for a while. Maybe it's just motivation, or maybe I'm getting better. I can hope for the latter.

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