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The Leap

Suddenly, it appears that Jet's pretty much potty savvy. He understands what's going on, and before any trip or outing he goes running to the bathroom to use the potty, get his hand washed and away we go. The whole concept of "keeping Scooby-Doo/Thomas the Engine dry and clean" seems impressed, in full, on him, and he does his level best. He's had two accidents. One really early on. One after some constipation problems that just... uhm... let go. But other than that he's had pretty much complete control and a total willingness to do what needs to be done.

I'll admit that I attribute it to Jet being ready and conceptually loaded for all this with his training pants AND to John for having the courage to leap to underwear instead of the training pants. The two of them have pretty much done it with a little help from me for clean-up and hazard control. It is also, perhaps, telling, that both accidents happened while I was home. Or not. It might just be an accident. *grin*

He's held it from nap time (around 1) to around 5. He's even figured out that he can play with the paper when he poops. He's not afraid of new potties, he's courageous about perching over the water. He's entirely enthusiastic about telling the poop or pee "Good-bye! Good-bye, poop!" when he flushes. And it's pretty amazing...

On Wednesday he just had a bad day. The constipation problems were making him grumpy, unsocial, unhappy, and all together unwilling to participate in much. When that cleared up on Thursday, Brenda and the rest of us remarked, "It's like he's a completely different boy." He as happy, involved, played like mad, ate ferociously, and enjoyed everything and was completely conscientious about his new pants.

He did enjoy running around the house buck naked for most of the evening, but it was also 90+ outside, and I wished that I could do the same. It was so dang hot.

The mosquitoes are back, clouds of them. The Mosquito Magnet is literally crawling with the things, and when I got up early to get all my plants watered before I had to get to work, I got five mosquito bites in as many minutes. Bleh. With West Nile running around, I really don't want that to happen, but after a long spring and no bugs, I was more careless than I probably should have been. I hate sitting around in DEET all day, admittedly, but it's dangerous stuff. Jet got two bites while playing outside with Mikayla, right at the moment of dusk a couple of day back. A clear indicator that we really need to be more careful from now on out.

John and Jet seem to be enjoying their day off together, today. They ran around and did things, like usual, but I think Jet's getting a good nap in. For the last week or so, he's been getting up in the middle of the night and one or the other of us takes care of him. The earlier mornings make it hard to argue with his, "It's sun-day! Time to get up!" with sunshine streaming into the house. I'm pretty tired.

I'm pretty tired from a full week at full time, too. It's just really more than I'm used to, and I feel it. I did get a massage from Bonnie Wednesday evening, and it helped tremendously. I had real massage head afterwards, kind of endorphine head-rush multiplied by muscles that just don't lock in place the way they used to. But it was good.

Work itself has been madly busy, but good, in that I've been getting a lot done. My status, this week, is nearly three pages long. Whoooie. I guess that comes from juggling a lot of things and finally having the time and focus to actually get things done. For the first time since I go this job I feel like I'm finally shoveling off more from my plate than is being added. I know that's going to change, but it's good while it's lasting.

Last night we got to the Rec. Center, cooled off in the pool, then went outside into the heat to eat at Good Times. Jet enjoyed it as much as we did. He decided he didn't want to play toys, just swim, and John and I were pretty tired from the week already and John's been riding his bike everywhere with Jet and getting good workouts. So we skipped the workout portion of the program, and Jet got to swim. That was good.

Dinner out in the heat kind of made the cooling off period as if it never existed. Ugh it was hot out, around 93. When we got home, the house was much cooler than the outside, but it was 80 inside! The AC kicked on, for the first time this year, when it finally got higher than 80 in the house. On the most part, with all the blinds closed, the house stays pretty cool, so it's a good thing, all in all.

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