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Busy Morning

We had a very busy morning this morning. We headed out early in order to get me to the church to check of someone was making the coffee, and, if not, go on with that task. Also to get John set up with his little coffee selling kiosk. By the time I was done with the coffee he and Jet were already in the sanctuary.

After church we did the usual things and John sold coffee while I ran around after Jet, got his hands washed, gave him a snack, and then chased him around the garden. He and Orion ran as fast as they could everywhere. I was very impressed. He just ran and ran and ran. When it was time to go, at 11, Jet was still wide awake.

So we went swimming at the pool. Lots of sunblock was used. Jet played happily in the tiny wading pool, diving under a lot to get at all the toys and just to swim back and forth. He really reminded me of how Paul and Jan spoke of Marina as being "an underwater baby". Jet prefers to be under the water than on top of it and he pretty much never closes his eyes because he wants to see where he is going. It's a very unexpected thing, but after so many years of being in the water twice a week, he just has no fear and is perfectly comfortable in it.

So we swam.

Eventually it was adult swim (probably an hour and a half after we'd gotten there, as Jet had skipped the first one by being in the wading pool), and Jet was willing to get out, get bundled up, and get pulled home in the wagon.

When we did get home, he said, "I'm hungry!"

So we tried to feed him, but he refused everything but crunchy noodles and soup. So that's what he got, and halfway through his second block of them his eyelids started to blink closed and he asked, "Mom, may I be excused? I want to lie down."

He lay down. He used the Boppy as a pillow, asked for a blanket and his monkey and promptly fell asleep.

So did I.

Mmmm... when in doubt nap.

I even got up in time to do a few strings of bookmark beads and water things before Jet woke up.

We had a very lazy afternoon. Mostly sitting, drinking chocolate milk, watching a little TV and playing a little Crash.

It was lazy until about 5:30 when John asked about dinner and I decided it was time to use the ricotta cheese. Jet and I made pasta from eggs, flour and semolina. John cooked sausage and mixed together cheese and parsley. Jet cheerfully cranked away at the pasta and then cut it into smaller noodles in a semi-random way. Then I boiled a couple of sheets and started layering noodles and Stuff with sauce.

It was a skinny lasagna as we only did two eggs' worth of noodles. So it took about half an hour to cook. We toasted bagels (as Jet wanted a bagel with butter for dinner) and made salad and took it all into the cool of the basement to eat. Yum! And enough leftovers for a week's worth of lunches. Yum. Well worth the hour and a half to make it. The texture of homemade noodles is so different than that of the dried and boxed stuff.

We pretty much played Crash for the evening, and went to sleep when we were to tired to stay awake. I got to watch a bit more if the Tour de France while nursing Jet. I've really liked saying current with what's happening in the races. The strategies and tactics are fascinating.

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