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A hot dog and a stick

On the way home from dinner, Jet said, "Look, is that the sun?"

And it was the sun, behind a thick bank of clouds, the rays shining through a break like the sweeping rise of an angel amid despair. "Yes."

"Mmmm..." said the little boy, "Sunset." He looked around, "It's getting dark. I don't want it to get dark."

"Well, the sun's setting, going to sleep on the other side of the world for the night, it's going to get dark."

"Well, I don't want it to."

"I don't think you can stop it."

"Yeah, I can." Then Jet shouts, "Sun! Go up! Get up! It's Sunday!" He looks around, "See! The sun's going up!"

"I guess, on an instant's assessment, it's hard to see if it's going up or down, isn't it?"

"It's going up."

Five minutes later he said, "Sun looks like a hot dog and a stick!"


"A hot dog and a stick. Supposed to be funny!!" he laughed.

"You like being funny?"

"Yeah! I like being funny."

In the pool, Jet was swimming all over. In the current pool he'd grab the top of the wall for the center core, let go, swim desperately for about a foot and then try and grab for the wall again. When he missed he'd actually grin harder and laugh when he finally caught hold of the wall. After getting yelled at, by him, for hauling him to the wall, I let him just do it. Eventually, he went around the whole pool twice before he finally went to the stairs. Once there, though, he caught the railing on the side of the steps, slid down the rail to the vertical, and then, deliberately, used the vertical to dunk himself and hold himself underwater. Jet would then laugh and laugh when he came up again and then do it all again, and again and again. He loved being underwater, and looking around.

Then Jet stuck his head between the rail and the wall. I asked, "You stuck?" "Yeah." "You like that?" He thought a moment, then grinned, "Yeah!" Of course, as soon as I freed him, he yanked himself underwater again, using the same rail.

This is mildly unusual for three-year-olds. When we're at the wading pool with other kids and mothers, near the house, the moms all start when Jet first goes underwater, and then I can see them getting up as he stays underwater than any kid his size has a right to. I get a few sideways looks to see if I'm actually paying attention to him, and when he comes up and then dives back down again, I get to see bafflement, and a gradual, uneasy settling as Jet does it over and over and over again.

John said that, in the big pool, Jet actually was swimming ten feet at a time. Yi.

At the ice cream social today, someone else was talking about their four-year-old's first swimming lesson and how she's supposed to dunk herself, but the only way she can get underwater is if her mother does it for her. She's okay with that, but she just can't get up the gumption to put her own head underwater. Her brother's different, he'll go under and be surprised, but not at all alarmed.

Jet's also talking a lot more.

On the way home from Joan's, Jet suddenly started saying, "Get all the dollars. If I play soccer ball Alex and Haley school, then I get all the dollars! I can buy a choo-choo! Just play soccer ball like Alex then get all the dollars!!" I blink. "Alex said that you can get money for playing soccer?" "Yeah!"


I had an interesting day today at work. Lots of it, plenty to do, plenty of smaller, more urgent, less important things that had to get done. I finished none of them, but talked to people enough about them to at least know what I was going to try to get done. I liked that.

I was really surprised to have two really high level people ask me to do something that meant working with them. I still have a self-esteem problem, and it flared bright with that, wondering if they really meant it. But this was one of the forums that was deliberately free of politics. The few, the proud, the technically capable on this particular team were known for saying even the ugliest things simply so that folks would know. These guys are the kid who asked where the Emperor's clothes are, and had a reputation for that. It made them unpopular with some of their peers, but it was also good to know that upper management values that kind of insight. What surprised the hell out of me was that they were, essentially, asking me to join their club. They felt that I was more than capable. Wow. And personally thought it would be a good thing for them and the organization if I joined up to call a spade a spade.

blink blink blink.

Me? Tempted to peer over my shoulder to see if Rosty was standing behind me. I'm so used to thinking of him as the brilliant one or my sister Kathy as the brilliant one, that it's hard for me to think that anyone would want me as much as they wanted the person standing next to me. Uhm. yeah. Me.


Not that I need the work, though that egoboo really makes the work seem like more fun.

I'll have to think about it and talk with my boss about it.

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