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Whew -- Several Things End

Several things finished this weekend. The first was Jet's Vacation Bible School, which had been every evening for the last week, from 6-8:30 pm.

It was pretty trying to try and get Jet to the thing, then stay with him through it, as three-year-olds really aren't supposed to be doing it, yet. He had incredible focus through the sessions, though, especially the first three or four, when it was all new. They were teaching all the pre-schoolers (including big six-year-old kindergardeners) songs along with doing crafts to support the little stage production, and added games to blow off steam. There was also a snack. But the main focus was the musical production explaining the Exodus *grin*. Songs like "Moses was a Basket Case", "Holy Moses!", and the "Egyptian Brick Jingle" are now permanently embedded in my brain.

I think, in my Catholic lifetime, it would seem like sacrilage to call Moses a Basket Case for being a baby in a basket, or having surprisingly catchy jingles selling Egyptian Brick, Plenty Pita, and Mana-Mix... but hey, there was a liberal sprinkling of the Commandments, climbing mountains (as one of the 'games'), and other things that might actually stick with Jet for a week.

Jet started out really strong with the hand gestures and musical numbers, but by the end of the week the sheer number of moves, kids, and people watching overwhelmed him to the point where he just said that he didn't want to do it. So he didn't. He seemed to love the Egyptian brick jingle, though, and the directory specifically asked where Jet was when it was about to start. But he was playing in the nursery, quite happily. He didn't understand why the kids were all working so hard, I guess, and he needed play time. So he got it.

It was scary the first few days, though, when he was standing there, a head shorter than the other kids, and doing everything the director was doing. Exactly. When the other three-year-old (who also ended up not doing the performance) would take breaks every three minutes and get up and out of her place to wander around and get scolded by the same director. I think Jet was watching that, and knew that if he wanted a break it was easier to just not be in the line to begin with. So he just stayed with me by the fifth and sixth days, though, when it was just the Itty-Bitties practicing, he would join in and show that same exactitude. He seemed to love doing it when he did, and that was enough for me. There was no point in trying to, somehow, make him do the performance when he had no desire.

The other thing that ended today was le Tour de France.

John and I have been watching it since Stage One. Three weeks of most evenings spent with the TV or taping something and then watching it later. OLN had it on all the time, and the last week was incredible. What struck me the most wasn't Armstrong's riding, but the entire Postal Team. The Blue Train. With someone new taking up the incredible task of pushing the whole race as hard as he could while Lance drafted behind him, only to fall away when they had no more. Usually at just the right time for Armstrong to really take it home. I learned more about his team, this year, than I even knew about Lance in the previous years, and it seemed appropriate that, at the end Lance said, "I love my job. I love my team." They're really the reason he's on that podium and it's so evident that none of the other teams were nearly as organized, smoothly coordinated, or knew exactly what each member was supposed to be or do. I can now also see why Lance wanted Basso on his team and, also, why Basso refused.


It was a very satisfying sports event to watch, for me. I'm not entirely sure why. But it was really keen to see Lance and his eight henchmen riding in a horizontal line today, across the road, taking it easy, even posing for a bit along the countryside outside of Paris, and that his team pushed hard enough to take him, first, onto the Champs Élysées. That was cool. That he lost the last stage was no big deal, after nearly 84 hours on the bike, and six minutes on the next runners, and with only 16 riders within an hour of his time, it didn't matter to the outcome of the entire tour. It was, however, hotly contested at the end, and that these folks that have ridden more than 3395km in three weeks would have the fight to do it still amazes me. That plus, while there seemed to be a lot of stupid or silly folks in the millions lining the roads, there is still no one malicious or no one malicious was allowed to get near the riders still manages to make me feel better about people in general. And nearly everyone was at least friendly about some American coming in and winning it.

I loved it.

I feel fat, old, out of shape, and hopelessly unfocused if I let myself compare... but the feeling that people, in general, are somehow better simply because Lance and his team exists... heck, even feeling better that every rider, even the very last guy, no the Tour and all those millions of great and considerate fans along the route (especially the anonymous guy that shoved one idiot out of the way of the leaders on the 18th stage) all exist... that's something emotionally real for me, too.

We rode to the grocery store, today. Just for the early part of the afternoon. It had been raining for the last two days. Yes, this summer is shaping up to be the coolest and wettest I've seen since we got here. But it was sunny today. So we rode to the grocery store, got Jet some milk and watermelon, and then rode home only to go swimming. Jet wanted to swim. Then he wanted a bath in my bathtub WITH me, so he could wash my hair the way I wash his hair. Turn about is fair play, so he got to dump cupfuls of water on my head, and try and make sure it didn't get in my eyes. Hee. He thought it was fair, then, when I dumped water on his head, and that was good enough for me.

The other thing was that Jet was backsliding a bit with the potty duties. He'd lost his motivation of the trains for a very unclear motivation from getting a toy every week he did "well", i.e not a measurable thing. So John and I regrouped a couple of days ago, and said that if Jet had three accident free days during the time he has conscious control of when he can go to the potty (i.e. not when he's asleep), he will get something special. A single accident-free day gets him a trip to McDonald's. The latter really motivated him. Yesterday he still had a problem during the day, and when he saw McDonald's slip through his grasp, I think he got a better hold of it today. And he had an accident free day, today! So he's earned his Happy Meal and our gratitude for pretty much going entirely to underwear.


John bought tickets to Seattle for the latter part of August. John and Jet are going for a week. I'm going for the weekend, as I'm now full time until the end of that month for several reasons. Hopefully, though I'll be able to actually finish a few of those things before then, and get it all under wraps for the time when I go back to part-time. There's SO much work it's insane, but the most urgent stuff has deadlines before then, and it's good that I'll actually have time alone to do it all in.

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