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I am sick. I also have something due this afternoon. I will get it done.

It's interesting, but today, in the break room, the guy that is in charge of the whole... hmm... the boss of the director of my area might be a better way of putting it... Anyway, he told me, in no uncertain terms, that he's been hearing good things about me. That I'm getting stuff done that no one else was able to do, and that in just the four months time I've been here I've made serious headway on a lot of trouble areas that they've had. I'm helping with everyone in his organization. To get better clarity on things, to think differently about certain things they've not done so well in the past, and to get people headed towards being better able to define their own work and have that line up with what is really needed.

Made me grateful that I gave up my Fridays for a short while.

Also really grateful that he told that to me personally. Wow. Rosty was there, and, afterward, when I did my usual deprecation of a compliment he took me by the shoulders, shook me gently and said, "When someone that far up the chain tells you you did good, believe it. You... Did... Good."

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