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Going Swimming

While I was picking Jet up from Brenda's, he told me about the monsters who weren't that scary, the rock he dropped on "the Man's" foot, and the bugs that liked him and licked him, not bite him! When Brenda asked if we were going to the Rec. Center in the midst of telling me about how their trip to the natural science museum (trans. monsters == dinosaurs), that she'd used up a lot of "boy energy" by asking all the boys to move some rocks for her (and he had been very careful with the rocks and had had great control of them and hadn't hurt himself or anyone else), and that they'd come inside because the mosquitoes liked the stormy weather.

Of course, Jet picked up on that and asked if we could go swimming today, instead of tomorrow. I am sick, but not feeling too badly for all that. And tomorrow we have to do a specific trip after picking Jet up, so we'd be late anyway. When we picked up John (amid choruses of "NO pick up Daddy! Just go swimming!"), he agreed, so we went swimming. All the bags were in the car from Monday (when I was too sick and Jet didn't want to go to toys at all), so we just went.

It was great. At the very last instant, Jet said that he really did want to play toys, so he got to go and watch Jack steal Christmas while John and I walked for a bit. I stopped pretty quickly, and played with some weights, the bike aerobics machine, and petered out pretty quickly. Plenty of water and a rest on an easy chair and John was ready to go, too, and we got Jet and swam and swam and swam.

Jet had only had a fifteen minute nap. So he almost fell asleep on the way to dinner, but not quite. "I just blinking!!" he said when he woke up. We had noodle soup and rice at the Vietnamese place, and by then Jet was talking enough he got home quite wide awake, and then monkeys kept him well occupied (thank you, amberley for "Ape Escape!") until it was bed time.

He got dressed, he got his teeth brushed, he came to the balcony where he could see me downstairs and he said, "Here, Mama!" And threw his box of berry floss at me. Momma reflexes are good. I caught it before it hit my head. Whew.

But John's fingers are really too big to floss Jet's teeth thoroughly, and Jet gets between two teeth and thinks he'd done, and he's okay with me reaching in there. He doesn't bite me that hard, and lets up when I squeak, and so I flossed his teeth and he sat there quite happily with this new thing he could do.

Then he sat by me on the couch while I watched some Good Eats and waited for him to be ready to nurse. He wanted to drive his trucks so he gently tapped my elbow and asked, nice as you please, "Please, can you move over a bit?"

"Certainly." Though I was blinking a bit. Wow. A whole, completely polite sentence in real English!!

I moved over and he contentedly drove his trucks around in the circle of his legs on the couch. I think he's figured out that words work really well at getting him what he wants, on the most part. When he wants something, he asks for it and isn't afraid to keep it quite vocal that he wants a certain thing until he either gets it or it's obvious that he won't get it. He does it because he knows that if he says it there's a chance he'll get it, better than if he doesn't say anything, which is a lesson sometimes wish I used half as well. He isn't violent about it, and he doesn't hurt or hit anyone to get it, but he's very self-confident about asking.

And he's very content when he gets what it is that he really desires.


He drove, watched Alton for quite a while, and the next thing I knew he was asleep. So I carried him up to his bed and tucked him in and he snuggled right in. These are the times when I'm really glad I'm a mom.


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