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Just exhausted, but I can't seem to sleep. I tried to, this morning, just lay in bed and closed my eyes and rested while thinking, unfortunately, of all the things that I really should have been doing. All right, that's probably the problem.

Jet was great last night. I went to get him, and he proudly told me that he hadn't slept at Brenda's, so, of course, on the way home, he went to sleep. I had to drop some other kids off for their mom, and I just let him sleep while we were driving. So he got a good half hour nap in. When we got home, and I tried to put him into a quiet room to keep sleeping, he woke up completely soaked. Oops. So we changed him into something dry, which wouldn't leak, and he lay down on the couch telling me that he wanted to nap, but he never went back to sleep, which proved good for getting him to sleep last night. Whew.

Instead, I loaded him into the car, and we went to Target, where he sat on my shoulders and we shopped for more underpants for him, more berry dental floss, and more Band-Aids®. We'd run out of the Dora ones when Jet found a mosquito bite on my leg and insisted that it would help make it better. *grin* Nice boy.

We had fun. It's funny having a boy leaning on my head and commenting about everything that goes by, including telling me, quite loudly, that there was a baby, there was a ball, there were stars!, etc. Especially when the "baby" was as old as he was. We bought stuff, including a small bag of M&M®s, and Jet said, quite happily, "You can share!" and I did. I tore the bag in half and gave half to him and kept half for myself. Yum.

John worked late, we made a fast dinner. Spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad from the garden. The lettuce is doing great! The staggered seeds are growing good, big plants on a regular basis in the window boxes, and the spicy mix of greens is a good break from just plain iceberg or even the sweet mix of lettuces. The cool weather here has made growing them easy. There's something visceral about eating something from the dirt of our own yard. I enjoy it. Jet refused spaghetti and demanded a mango. My boy. *grin* So I peeled and sectioned a mango for him and he dug through it with gusto. In fact, when our dinner was a bit slow in coming, he yelled and cried to eat his dinner, so we just gave it to him before we were ready to eat. He also had a big slice of garlic bread (whole wheat), too, so he wasn't an all-fruit boy.

He also did a great job of running to the potty before exploding. Yay for potty awareness! Jet now has three lions/stars for the three days he's been pretty much clean and dry, and we talked about that for a while. At three, he gets to go to the toy store and get something Special. With each one, he gets the instant feedback of going to McDonald's when he wants to, so that something he can do when he wants.

We did some movies, books, and when John got him into pajamas and brushed his teeth, Jet insisted that he could do the flossing, so he did. He went to sleep very quickly, and I soon followed. But I woke up at 6 this morning when Jet came into the room and just breathed on me. He hadn't said a thing, but I was awake.

We toasted bagels, played Ape Escape, and then came upstairs when we heard Dad moving around. I went back to bed then and tried to stay there as long as possible before finally coming back down. The boys were getting ready to go toy hunting, and I just packed my work stuff, hopped on the bike and rode to work. It's so fast.

And now I'm flicking a bit while the biggest thing's been done, and I have three little things I'm kind of avoiding. Bleh. I need coffee.

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