Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Blue Moon

Quiet day today, mostly.

I woke up late to waffles. Then we went to the Farmer's market, got the next door neighbor some yellow beans (like green beans but yellow). I was tempted and got some beans for us, too, purple, green, and yellow. Peaches, whole wheat bread, sweet corn, and other stuff all ended up in the bag. We visited Home Depot for more paint chips and finish information for the bathroom counters.

It was noon when we got home, and Jet didn't fall asleep, so he and I went swimming while John cut the lawn. John joined us after forty-five minutes (yay for small lawns!), and we all swam together. Jet went all the way to the deep end, twice. Once using a ;noodle to hang onto to get air between dunking himself by letting go and swimming for a bit. He really startled three ladies who watched him go under with some trepidation, and grinned at him when he came up and explained to them how he was swimming. We went the length of the pool that time and then again when he decided he wanted to do a lap in the lap lane. The life guard was quite tolerant of our slow progress. There wasn't anyone else using the lane. So that was good.

Jet's really getting this swimming thing, and now know why Paul and Jan were calling Marina the "Amazing Underwater Girl", as Jet shows the same tendency to be underwater more often than not.

After the swimming, he went home, took a short bath, had some lunch with us, and then went to sleep for a while after we told him that he couldn't goto the movie unless he had a nap.

John ran off to get some groceries and things for tonight's outdoor movie.

I downloaded Puzzle Pirates to the home machine, wandered around a little, got insulted, at random by someone, did pretty well with the distilling puzzle, got a higher than beginner ranking after my first sword fight, and then decided that I didn't want to be doing this on a regular basis or go through all the effort of finding a crew and all that. When John came home, I played some Sonic Hero, instead.

John made dinner. Jet came down to the basement to tell me that dinner was ready, and sat with me through the last of the level, and was gratified when I turned everything off and went up with him. We had hamburgers, grilled sweet corn, and Jet had some corn and rice. Jet and I pulled up the carrots from the garden and one of them looks like a little man, but the others were just thick and stumpy. They were sweet to the taste, though and not nearly a tough as they looked. Yum. The tomato plants are taking over everything, though, and overgrowing just about everything. I found three ripe tomatoes from my First Lady plants, and so many green ones I couldn't even count them all. My.

Then we went to the Longmont outdoor movie with Mikayla and Kelly and had as blast. It was Toy Story, and Jet was so involved in the movie he didn't even notice when they left because Mikayla was too tired to stay. My. I still love that movie, too. He loved the nigh endless supply of M&Ms and we ate through a lot of them. It was fun and good and the blue moon came up as we watched. I saw some bats, got more mosquito bites, and basically enjoyed myself a lot.

I know, the mosquito bites are a bit like Russian roulette with West Nile going on around here, but I had DEETed up before, and was surprised when they did get me. Bleh. It also turned out that the propane had run out on the Mosquito Magnet, which is why the backyard was worse. John got that refilled today, so I should do better. John and Jet haven't gotten any extra bites, so it's just tasty me that's getting hit more often. Bleh.

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