Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Porpoise Boy

We went swimming last night, the way we usually do.

I'd had a full day at work, but felt better compared to the colds I'd been having. I also was kind of tired, but decided that the exercise would only help with that. Jet cooperated quite happily by going to "toys" and watching Bob the Builder cheerfully.

Then we went swimming. Jet started swimming. Last time at the outdoor pool we'd told Jet about reaching and pulling with his arms to get more speed and he took the lesson to heart. Today he was windmilling his arms quite happily, and getting great speed and distance for his efforts. He'd actually get his head down, his body up, and he'd swim. We went around and around the Lazy River, and all I was doing was giving him an arm to grab when he really wanted it, and if he wanted to ignore it he could and did and would go around the current with great gusto. He'd kick off into the fastest current and come up for air when he needed it and keep going when he didn't. He went down the big slide with both John and I, and then was so hungry he asked to eat.

It amazed me. We'll have to find some kind of swimming pool when we're in San Diego and let Mom and Dad see how Jet's doing in the pool. Might even be fun to go to Kathy's condo and go swimming there. Jet loves hot tubs. I need to ask.

Afterwards we went to Ichi-ban and had "rice and sauce". Jet dug through a whole bowl of short grain rice, stole most of my flying fish roe, and then ate a few of our tempura'ed vegetables to boot. MMmmm... haystacked carrots.

We went home, played some P2 games, and then Jet went to sleep and didn't wake up until 7:30 this morning. John didn't get up until 8, which was fine by me. He'd been letting me sleep in for so long it seemed appropriate. I got in a little later than I wanted to, but got plenty done today, so I'm happy. I should ask Kathy about a P2, too, or if we should just rent one from the local Blockbuster or something.

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