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Has been good, all in all. I'm finding my strength and pace, and while I'm making mistakes, people are letting me learn from them and I'm definitely improving with the work. I've been given what feel like really big responsibilities and the best thing is that I've been able to follow through on them and deliver.

I think that, more than any words, has improved my self-esteem. Delivering things that people find value in and find helpful to their everyday decision-making and work is great.

I am definitely a generalist, not a specialist. I like tackling the really big problems (asking developers of a 100 different applications, what should the organization's strategic direction be for the next six months?) and doing the intuitive work rather than the specific fingers-to-the-code work.

I do, however, miss Jet. So I'm definitely going back to part-time by September. I just miss my one-on-one time with him, and just being able to interact with him all day. So I'm glad that I can go back to that.
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