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Like silkiemom I am now without grandparents, and it feels both kind of good and kind of quiet. Two whole weeks of having someone that'll watch Jet other than John or I, and I had to go and get my Passat looked at by a claims adjuster at noon today because John had a meeting he had to go to. Jet did great. He slept on the way there, played with the toys in the lobby while we wait a #$#@(*&! extra half an hour because the guy in front of me had more than $3000 worth of damage to his car. Jet only started to fuss while we were waiting for the lady to write things down and call three or four other people to ask them their estimates... that was odd.

Of course, Jet was getting wetter and hungrier as we waited.

Finally she was done, for about $1000 less than the estimate that the garage gave us, and that was kind of scary, but she couldn't look beyond a body panel so I think that that is what is missing. I hope.

Jet was pretty unhappy by then. So I got us back into the car, headed towards the Wing Hut, found a public parking spot and we settled and Jet got to nurse for a while. With the nose of the car pointed up, no one was going to see anything, and I was able to watch people, traffic, and other stuff wandering by in front of us while Jet nursed away busily. We then went into the Wing Hut and I ordered both some wings and some Cajun supreme stuff. Jet sipped some of my Blue Sky black cherry pop while I drank some of it and the guys were really helpful there. There weren't tables or, more importantly, high chairs there, so I carefully balanced the food and Jet in the sling to get them back to the car. The guys working there asked if I needed help, but I had it pretty okay. We headed home, with a very good smelling car interior.

The Cajun thingy is superb. Spicy, creamy, with lots of fresh crawfish and crab and veggies and even okra!! All on plenty of rice, and it's hot enough to make me sweat a little. I ordered very wimpy wings, and really enjoyed them because for all that they were wimpy, they were tasty. That bite of vinager, and all the sweetness of sweet red peppers and lots of other good, fatty things on crisp, deep fried wings. They do them right, whatever else they might do, the wings were delicious.

Jet got to eat baby food while I ate my spicy stuff and that helped...

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