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After three "clean and dry" days and getting three lions for them Jet got to go to Toys R Us and buy something with his three lions.

He picked Thomas' Big Big Loader. It's so cool. Everyone that happens upon him playing with it is just sucked in to watch and watch and watch. It has a single undercarriage that's battery-powered, and a track and setup that is so exact and smooth it's like clockwork. It reminds me of the old Mouse Trap game I used to have, but the whole sequence works, every time.

Thomas, the Engine, goes to a loader that loads balls into the back area. He then rides up an elevator, turns around, and dumps them into a spiral chute. That chute goes to a bucket on Cranky the Crane. When Thomas is done dumping, he goes over to Cranky, sits a while, and powers the Crane's bucket up and dumps the balls onto a roadway. Then Thomas goes back down the elevator, back to his slot in the round house. The undercarriage slips out from under him, under the cover of the round house, and slips under Lorry the Loader, who runs around and scoops everything from the roadway onto the loader again...

And they do it again and again and again and...

It's mesmerizing. Jet loves it. He plays with his "playset" any time he can.


We've also figured out that the main reason Jet loves McDonald's isn't because of the food. He really loves playing in the tubes with other kids. So the real treat is getting to play, not getting to 'eat the food', and when he's having a good day he gets to go play with the other kids. He loves that, and the chicken and fries is more ritual than anything. *grin* But it's reward enough for him to be pretty conscientious about potty usage until late in the day. Then it gets kind of tricky. An on-going process.


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