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Feeling really beat up this morning. Big bags under the eyes, coughing, and tired. Jet was up at 12, 3, and 6, so he's regular if anything, and he stayed up at 6. I pretty much got Jet most of the times he got up, so John was pretty well rested by the time it was time to get up, so I slept another two hours and needed it desperately.

I think a little of it is my new contacts are still making my vision a more difficult thing to straighten out. It's especially evident in the morning and in the late evening, when I'm tired.

It's suddenly winter. After complaining so much about 90+ days, I guess my wishes got answered an it's now 40, the sky is dull gray, and they threatened snow last night. Blah. I didn't want it to go directly to winter, no passing fall, and only a single bit of rain, a few leaves, and one harvest moon.

Though the abrupt totality of it all is kind of cool.

We have to mail the Orycon membership stuff today. We really liked the little hotel that's a little removed from the rest of the con the last couple of times we went to it, so we'll likely stay there instead of the main hotels. Screaming babies and SF con folks probably would not mix all that well anyway.

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