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On Wednesday night, when we were having dinner with Colleen (our realtor, whom we like, personally, a lot) at Tortuga's (a very nice little seafood place here in Longmont), Jet explained to her that "Thursday is tomorrow's Sunday."

Given that it might also have been written: "Thursday is tomorrow's sun-day." where sun-day means any daylight time, it made a lot more sense than at first... THEN there was the conversation.

"When are we going to San Diego?"

"On Tuesday."

"When's Tuesday?"

"Uhhhmmm... in three days."

Since we're flying on Saturday, it really was going to be three days.

Jet and I were sick yesterday. Running nose, body aches, and stuff. Jet, sniffling, said to me, "I have a runny nose. I don't like having a running nose." and we had a brief, but detailed discussion of how much of a pain it was to have a constantly runny nose.

I have to admit that I really love and admire the fact that he's becoming quite the functional human being, whom I can have conversations, debates, and opinions from. He and I went to get him some sunglasses that actually fit him, partially because he and I talked about it and he actually wanted to wear some when the sun was hurting his eyes. Partially in anticipation of going to San Diego and spending more time outdoors. He found a dinner set of Dora cup, plate, and bowl and really, really wanted it. He'd accumulated another three clean-and-dry day stickers, and knew that it would take five to get his "switch choo-choo". So he and I negotiated and he "paid" three stickers for the Dora dinner set.

He knew it was going to take longer to get his switch choo-choo and he was okay with that. Yay!!

I like being able to do that with him. Just being reasonable seems to make a lot of things easier for both of us.

Yeah. I'm sick again. Sure... I'm still cheerful and happy when I'm under stress, but my body is telling me, in no uncertain terms, that it's really beating me up physically. So it's sleeping, eating right, and plenty of vitamins and rest for me in San Diego. No stress.

One really interesting thing is that I've stopped my habit of just buying random things off the Web when I'm under job stress. I just noticed it the other day when I got an ad from Mighty Leaf and I had not the slightest temptation. I told John about it and he took me by the shoulders and said, "Think about it. People are telling you when you do well, now. You don't have to do it yourself."

"Do it myself?"

"Rewarding yourself for doing the right thing. People now notice and tell you. So you don't have to go off buying random things just so you can feel the way you really should feel when you've killed yourself getting something done."


This isn't to say that I might not get myself a new pair of Zeros or Dartboard or some walking shoes, but... still...


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