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Travel Day

The travel day, on the 7th, was pretty good, though it's really obvious that people are starting to travel at the rates they used to, again. Jet got on his "diaper pants" at the airport, and then proceeded to go 5 hours straight dry. I was very impressed given that he'd drunk a huge amount on the plane. We'd gotten to the airport, gotten through the checkin line, then walked to security, got through that, then got through the line at McDonald's, and got to the gate right when they announced pre-boarding. So we ended up with our McDonald's lunches on our fold down trays while everyone else was lining up to get onto the plane. Whew.

So we ate. I needed it badly. I then napped while John and Jet played. I woke up in time for Sun Chips, and then Jet napped while John and I read until the end of the flight. Jet woke up at the lurch on landing, but went back to sleep until we had to get out of the plane. Met up no problem with my family. Jet even gave everyone a kiss and a hug on seeing them again.

Then to my parents' house. Where we sat around and talked for a while. Then John, Kathy and I went to get me a toothguard/mouthguard from an athletics store. The kind you can boil and fit to your mouth. I had left my toothguard at home, soaking, which is really bad for it. John called back to Colorado and Joan was kind enough to volunteer to rescue my toothguard from its bath. Whew. Thank you, Joan. We stopped at the 99 Market to let Kathy eat something and for John and I to just wander through, breath the aroma, and admire.

Sigh. I miss markets like that. I miss the hustle and bustle the huge number of clear-eyed, red gilled fish, and the immense "deli" were one can get a four-course meal of stuff that would never be found on any Chinese menu in Colorado. John and I decided we had to have lunch there some day.

Anyway, dinner was cooked by Mom and Dad and it was wonderful. We bought Jet a container of tobiko to go on his rice and he dug in with gusto to start. Then Mom gave him some corn tortillas and he wanted them WELL salted.

After dinner we went to the Mission Bay Park and walked the paths during sunset. It was just gorgeous out there, the pink, purples, and oranges of a Southern California sunset behind palm trees, a mirror ocean, and the beach. Jet pushed his stroller for good portion of the walk before hopping in and saying, "Pop-a-wheelie! Can you do it?" to us, repeatedly. So whomever was pushing would pop a wheelie to a gale of giggles. Hee.

Jet got park time in the dark, as there was a play park on the way, and then we went home to ice cream and fruit. Jet's eaten a ton today. Watermelon on getting here, a good dinner, and then the snacks afterwards.

He did, however, melt down when we got back, ate, played a while, and it was an hour and a half past his usual bed time. When we asked him about pajamas and brushing teeth he melted down with a "I want to go to OUR house to go to sleep." which was just a huge burst of crying, that gradually wound down to hiccup, and then went surreal with "I don't want a Barbie. I want to be Jetsie" Huh? He was dreaming, I think. He fell asleep in my arms, and went into his bed, no problem. I think, post-mortum, that he was just really tired and over-stimulated. Poor guy.

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