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17th Anniversary

I woke up kind of bleary-eyed, but we had a 9 am appointment with Kathy at the zoo, and she had accomidated us by going so early so that Jet wouldn't melt down again from tiredness while there. So I got up, had some breakfast, and then we were off.

On the way over, Jet asked, "Where's Uncle Kathy?"

"She's meeting us at the zoo. She lives there, you know. You'll have to ask her where her bedroom and bathroom and kitchen are!" said John.

Jet just grinned.

We had a blast at the zoo. Running around everywhere. Jet loved sitting on people's shoulders to look through the snake house. He liked being that high to really look into the displays to see where the animals were. He loved being able to spot the critters and would get all excited and start leaning on people's heads. Hee.

We went through the snake house, then went to the kid's zoo and he got to peer at all the HUGE BUGS and found some "fish bugs" that were swimmers. He thought they were pretty cool. There was an enormous female mantis eating a cockaroach, which I even thought fascinating.

He liked seeing the macaws, the pigeons, the naked mole rats were a blast, and he loved peering in to the nursery to see a baby (four-month-old) chimp trying to find his own feet. "He has a diaper!" cried Jet. Hee. But when he got to the petting zoo, he wasn't that interested. He was far more fascinated by the kid-sized sinks for handwashing afterwards and the his-sized pottie in the kids' restrooms. He thought that was great.

As usual, through the morning, he kept asking to go on the sky ride, and he and John and Kathy went in one car while Mom, Dad and I went in the other. The kids then went to see the polar bears, while Mom and Dad flew back to some refreshement. Jet also got a BIG BAG of potato chips and fulfilled some of his caloric needs along with gulps from his sippy cup of pop. Mmmm... I needed it, too.

We then headed out, to El Indio's, and, as planned, Jet fell asleep. He slept in his seat while we sat outside and ate. We planted his seat in the shade, and with the breeze blowing through, he did great. He slept all the way home, had an hour and a half nap and was ready to go just as the rest of us collapsed. John and I slept for three and a half hours!! And needed it, too. Mom slept while we did. Kathy and Dad kept Jet some company for a while, but they fell asleep as well. So Jet played with his Legos and other toys while happily while everyone else caught up. Smart kid.

When we woke up, Jet was having a bath. He'd had two accidents, three potty trips (including one huge bowel movement on the potty, good boy), and decided it was time for a bath. So he had a bath. I waited until he was done, and I had a shower and felt tremendously better for it.

Mom and Dad got us a beautiful sushi set, inlaid of gorgeous woods. They knew we liked sushi, and it's a beautiful thing to serve it on. I should probably make sushi sometime. *grin* It's just gorgeous. And I guess if we got to-go from Sakura we'd have the Stuff to eat it with. Mm...

John and I then went off to La Jolla to find something to eat. Mom, Dad, and Kathy stayed at home to watch Jet while we went out for dinner. We walked along the whole of the front area, and ended up at the Crab Catcher, since the menu was 80% seafood and we were in the mood for great seafood. John got King Salmon, and I got soft-shell crab, none of which were native foods, but both of which were excellent, carefully prepared, and cared for. Mine was served on a bed of impeccibly fresh vegetables. John's was with a good, spicy sauce and creamy potato base. The salads were well thought through, too. John's was spinach with pears, blue cheese, and walnuts. Mine was micro greens with grilled peaches, pecans, and goat cheese. Sharp and sweet, warm and cold, crunchy and creamy all in one. Happiness. Dessert and coffee was great, too. I really enjoyed my tiramisu, and John had a flourless chocolate torte with cherries, pistachios, and a topping of ginger ice cream. Woo.

We talked a lot, too, about the last seventeen years. We'd never have thought, back then, that we'd be where we are now. It was nice to just think about it, and even about the vast changes I've been through in just the last six months. It was good to savor that as much as the food itself. I'm not sure that, seventeen years ago, I had any inkling that we'd both be as adventurous a set of foodies as we now are. But it's a nice thing to savor our food along with our lives.

Home again, home again, and it as just 9, but Jet was tired, and wanted us, and when he saw us it was okay to get pajamas and brush teeth and do floss and then sit with me while we watched a couple of Kathy's previews. Then boring news, and it was time for Jet to go to sleep. He went down without a fight, and settled in quite happily into his air mattress. Whew.

I think he's getting that we're staying here for a little while, at least.

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