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Beach and Lasagna and Fixing Things

I spent a chunk of the morning catching up for the last couple of days. It was good to take the time and fill it all in.

Then John and I headed out to shop, eat lunch, and do a few things while Mom and Dad took care of Jet. We went and got some auto parts for their Acura, things that John had figured out could be fixed with a simple replacement of parts.

Then we hit the 99 Market and got Way Too Much food. Schezuan eggplant and salt and pepper anchovies for me. Fresh little fish that were cooked whole, and over half of them were heavy and solid with roe. Definitely not something I could have found in Colorado... but it was also a little more than I could eat all of. It was good. I also enjoyed my watermelon juice (blended watermelon and ice) and red bean sesame ball. It was mildly too much food, but it was worthwhile doing.

From there we circled back to a sunglass shop and wandered in looking for Oakley sunglasses. I wanted to try the new Zeros, both the regular and the L type, and they had them both! But they had them in the higher transmission rate lenses. I asked about the black and titanium iridium, but they only had the gold, cherry, and regular black lenses. So I passed them up and decided that I could mail order them if I really needed them.

From there we pilgrimaged to the mecha (sic.) which is Fryes.

And we played, wandered the halls, peered at old Stuff, agonized over getting Dance, Dance Revolution with a dance pad (flit which is the best version again?), and giggled over components, motherboards, DVDs, anime, and books. It's funny what old EEs can find really amusing in today's electronics.

Towards home and a stop at Vons where we bought stuff for Veg Lasagna. Tasty, but low fat, was the mantra of the trip, and when we went home, John proposed a trip to the beach for Mom and Dad. They didn't sound that enthused, and to be fair it was really hot and sunny out at the house. I kneaded up some pasta dough, jumped into my swim suit and away we went to La Jolla Shores. We found good parking, walked in and found the beach mobbed with big tourists EVERYWHERE.

That is when John and I realized just how many years it's been since we've been here in the summer. It was a complete surprise to us to have to actually watch our stuff a little while we were playing in the surf and digging in the sand. There were so many people there were lines at the rinsing stations. There were active lifeguards in every station! There were tents on the sand renting surfboards with wet suits that had sandwich boards dug into the sand that exclaimed "Have your VERY FIRST Surf Experience With US!" I nearly fell over giggling.

Jet, John and I stomped into the surf for a while, then dug sand mountains for a while. Then jumped back into the surf to rinse off and dug some more and rinsed some more until it was time for us to go back and make dinner. Jet had goldfish on the way home. It was a good thing, too, as it took me longer than I thought to roll the pasta out by hand. It worked, though, and the lasagna came out very nicely. It would have been faster with a box of dried pasta, but the texture wouldn't have been as nice. I also layered one layer of spinach with onions and one layer of sauteed mushrooms with garlic between cheese layers.

Everyone liked it. Yay!

I got to shower during the baking process, which was good. I needed it as I was sticky with sand and salt.

We had a quiet night at home, since dinner was so late. Jet got to eat some snacks. John found that one of the blinds didn't go up the way Mom wanted it, to, so he swapped it with another one that hadn't been so used. The used one had gotten its lines compressed/worn enough that they didn't catch in the catch anymore. The line could, perhaps, have been replaced, but it was far, far easier to just swap it with a blind that they wanted always down.

Jet went peacefully to pajamas and teethbrushing, and there was a night flower that bloomed in Mom's collection. It's a plant that only blooms at night, spiky whites and fushia with a cascade of snow colored pistels in side the horn of the blossom. Beautiful.

Jet and I went and smelled it and saw it and then the Sea World fireworks went off. So we watched that. Then Jet asked for The Little Lighthouse and went to sleep soon after. Yay for a peaceful evening!!

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