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Watching the Baby...

It's really funny to listen to the panting Jet makes as he's trolling about the office, pouncing on toys left all over the floor, including my plush squid, which only resides up here. Occasionally there are bangs as he gets back to the filing cabinet and whacks the sides, much babbling as he talks to a toy, and there are squeaks as something gets sat on, or tinkles as Pooh with the bells gets rolled over, sat on, or squished. Jet's in constant motion, but is pretty quiet, but for the panting, with the effort of getting around.

Occasionally I turn around to see him reaching for Rosty's chair. Or Jet sees me looking and lights up and burst out laughing and celebrating the attention. It's not that he needs the attention, he's doing fine without it, playing away full-bore; but he seems to really enjoy it when Rosty or I turn around to talk with him for a while.

This is pretty cool. I can just close the office door and it becomes an effective play pen, with piano, toys, and lots of room for roaming. He's getting really mobile, though he still doesn't go forward. It's still rolling sideways and crab crawling backwards, but he seems quite content to go where he wants. I'm pretty amazed by how well he gets around, even though there's a lot of obvious effort that has to go into it. He really seems to be enjoying the challenge and pushes, claws, and grunts with effort at every move, but I guess he's wired to learn that way.

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