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John and I figured out a plan, and I think John and Jet are going, tomorrow, to Seven Oaks to get Jet signed up for the fall. Since there's room and he seems to be very interested, it seems the way to go. Having settled that, I think we're on even keel again.

Jet had a great day at Brenda's today. Which is all mildly ironic. And it took some arguing and whining on Jet's part this morning to get him there, so we're still having the morning arguments about when he goes and when he stays home with Dad. But Jet was clean and dry all day, ate a big lunch and a big snack, and napped well. He had a great time building Lego trucks and trains.

When I got there Brenda said that one of the other kids had reacted to the news by coming in this morning and asking, "Does this mean I get a going-away present?" So all the kids got to pick a favorite toy to take home with them. Given that she's not going to need most of them for a while, she was fine with this. Jet chose, for his, a whole slew of Duplos, a big, plastic grocery bag nigh filled with them, and they included a number of wheeled platforms. Brenda hunted out a cattle-catcher specifically for him to build trains with, and that was good.

Jet told Brenda that he loved her. And I'm not entirely sure he knows that he's going to a new place soon. Since he and John are going to Seattle next week, this was his last day. Aiie... I hadn't figured that out until earlier, but we said our good-byes and that had to be good enough.

John hurt his back yesterday, so he stayed at home (or just went home from work) while Jet and I went right to the Rec. Center and we had a blast. He really wanted to play toys, so we went there, and since I knew that he probably hadn't use the restroom for a while, I took five minutes to persuade him that I needed him to go, whether he felt he needed to or not. When we got into the toy room bathroom, he perked up considerably at finding "little potty, little wash-hands, and little soap!!" So he seemed to enjoy that, and then played while I worked out upstairs.

I did the usual aerobic stuff, then added a fifteen minute flexibility stretching workout, as I definitely having back and upper leg problems with that, and then ended with weights. I was tired going into it, and ended up feeling much better. Good enough to chase Jet around the pools.

He did his usual seal impression, diving through the water as much as possible. There was one father with two boys, all with completely dry hair. I saw the boys climbing up the edge of the pool, dad holding his arms out, and the boys jumping on top of him rather than into the water. Jet climbed out next to them, giggled and then did his usual "timber" fall into the water. The dad looked at me, "How do you get him to do that?!?" I blinked, "Uhm... I don't. He just does it."


We also hit the Lazy River, which is a loop pool with strong jets along the way that simulate a pretty strong current. Jet eventually wanted an inner tube-like ring with handles on it. He grabbed the two handle and levered himself up so that he could see, and then paddled with his feet, fast enough that he easily kept pace with me. Then he discovered he could throw the whole thing around and around and around by kicking the right way, so he spun around and around while heading down the current. Then he suddenly shouted, "Time to GET OUT!"

He dropped his holds, sank to the bottom of the channel, and then came up, at which point I grabbed him and got the biggest grin I've seen in him in a long while. He loved it.

I thought about it, decided I could do this, and followed him around the current pool as he started dropping every ten feet or so. I would get him, put him back on his handholds and then do it again. Then he did it right at the full thrust point of one of the jets, and he got whirled around and launched for a good ten feet in line with the current. I pulled something trying to get to him and hang onto the tube. Oops. When I finally got him, he was just fine. He just frowned a bit and asked, "Was that a jet?" and I said, "Yeah." He nodded and said, "I done, now. Swim in other pool?"

Smart boy.

We hot tubbed a little, went to the showers, and he played with toys in the shower after I'd cleaned him, allowing me to shower, dry off, dress, and lay things out for him. That was great. We went home, and he was so tired, we had some difficulty getting him to eat much. He ended up playing with his Legos for a while, but falling asleep very easily with his usual routine. Since he'd gone to sleep last night by reading books with Dad, it seemed a good enough compromise. He was so tired, too. Yay for exercise!

John got delivery from Thai Kitchen and it was wonderful food. Perfect phad thai and spicy sweet basil chicken. Mmmmmm...


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