Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Dinosaurs and Making a Dinner from What's at Trader Joes

I love Trader Joes. I always have. I miss them, terribly, while in Colorado.

It's not just the organic hoopla the way Whole Foods or Wild Oats does it. We even call Whole Foods "Whole Paycheck" because they're so spendy. Trader Joe's does things on the cheap but good form factor and while not everything that they do appeals to my palatte, most of it appeals to my pocket book, at the very least, so that I try more there than I would otherwise.

So when I volunteered to do dinner tonight, we decided that I'd just go to Trader Joes.

We'd spent the morning at the Natural History Museum. Kathy had volunteered there while she was in high school, as it was said that volunteering helped on college applications back then. She'd loved the organizational aspects of it, and Jet seemed enamoured enough with the dinosaurs of the Wild Animal Park that we thought more dinos might be fun. They were hosting a special on featured dinosaurs, so we thought it would be good. And it was. We got there relatively late according to Jet's morning standards, but he had enough energy to do the museum justice after a quick trip to the potty.

He liked the displays up front, which had cases of critters from various phyllum. The jars of snakes were fasinating to me, but he seemed very intrigued by all the sea creatures. The dinos were a hit. I liked seeing the sheets of rock that encased the fossils, and all the detailed pictures, enlarged, for seeing how people got the detail from the shadows of bones, skin, and feathers. It was really weird, though, seeing in close juxtiposition, three raptors in their accustomed scaly baldness next to the shaggy feathering (primative feathers rather than the sleek modern versions) of the now "more accurate" representations. They looked more like chickens than my accoustomed sleek terrible lizards....

We had a great time with Foucault's Pendulum, waiting patiently as it knocked domino's down. Jet loved just watching it swing back and forth.

The animal displays were okay, some too scary, others enough like the Zoo that Jet liked looking. There was a statue of a dino that he really wanted to climb, but there was a sign saying that he shouldn't. Why else have a stone statue of a dinosaur in the middle of an open floor? Kids should be climbing such things. *grin*

When we'd gotten through everything Jet got to sit under a giant tree and eat a snack. In the midst of which he said, quite calmly, "I need to use the potty." Well, no one was looking, the tree could probably always use the water... so he calmly pulled down his pants at our urging and pee'ed on the tree. A dab of hand disinfectant from his diaper bag and he was comfortably eating his snack again. Then he announced that he wanted to ride the train again. He'd remembered that this was the sight of the train adventures of a few days back, and would not leave without a ride.

So Mom and Kathy went home to make lunch. Dad, John, Jet and I headed for the train. Jet refused to let Dad ride with him, as he was pretty tired, sand he really wanted me. So I rode it with him again and it was a blast. I loved the tunnel, as the engineer blasted the horn, everyone screamed, and the whole thing reverbirated with NOISE!! Hee.

Home again, home again, and Jet fell asleep, as planned. We had a great soup and bao for lunch.

Then we watched Olympics until Jet woke up. All the kids went to Trader Joe's to get dinner food, and Jet, after trying to get four kinds of candy, chocolate cookies, and ice cream, finally asked for low-fat cheese puffs (not that I'd known that they were lower in fat than the other kinds), and I got him the bag. I shopped for ourselves and for dinner, and got chicken, lemon-dill marinade, artichokes, and some nice looking wild mushroom cous cous.

And I made it all! Dad did the grill-meister duties. I over-cooked the artichokes as they were smaller than I was used to and the steam at sea level is MUCH more effective than at mountain level. Plus with the delay due to charcoal lighting problems, I left them in the steamer longer than I should have. Everyone was very nice in saying that they enjoyed the meal! Hoorah!!

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