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Travel Day

We had a good travel day.

The San Diego security, since it's a smaller airport, has to rely more on random picks than on the all-seeing eye of the DIA security. Our tickets, when we bought them, were flagged for extra security work, so when we got to the front of an extremely long, but very fast moving check-in line at Frontier, the lady who heed us advised us to go right to security and we'd get there just about boarding. This and we had arrived an hour and a half early, which was a bit more than Dad had suggested.

We had Mom, Dad, and Kathy with us and they entertained Jet for much of the early linage, the tickets, getting our baggage through the manual inspection, and then we said good-bye as we headed into security. Jet waved at them from the top of my shoulders.

Jet balked at the metal detector, more from tiredness and panic at seeing his monkey go into a bin and into the maw of the x-ray machine than anything. But the security lady was sympathetic, and lured him through with sweet words. He finally settled down enough to go through by himself after seeing John go through, but was baffled when they headed us off into a particular area and he was told, emphatically, to stand outside it and not within our touching distance. He stood, looking a little scared, but watching everything. When he saw his monkey, he lit up, and darted over and got it. He then went right back to where he was supposed to be standing and hung onto the monkey tightly.

Security got all excited at Jet's backpack. Turns out that his string of toy choo-choos looked like a bunch of Bad Things of some sort, and when they pulled them out and looked at them, there were a few big grins. The diaper bag, as usual, showed up with Something on the wipe test. Mmm... organics.

They got John and I off to examination areas, and Jet tagged along with me, after the wand search, he leaned on my lap and asked me what they were doing. Took me a little while to figure out what to say.

"They looking at everything to make sure that everyone is safe."

Jet thought a bit, "They're looking for monsters?" The security lady couldn't quite hide a smile.

"Yeah." I said and was suddenly struck by the aptness of the analogy. "They're looking for monsters. Like all monsters, if you get a good, long look at them, they go away. But someone has to really look."

Jet nodded, "Looking kills monsters. Good. They'll keep us safe."

Oh, baby... "Yeah. They're trying to keep us safe." I hugged him.

The lady was remarkably quick with our inspection, got my shoes to me in record time compared to some x-rays of shoes I've had before, and we were in our way.

The flight was uneventful. I did story, game, and snack duty. John slept. Jet slept the last half hour. We got home, opened things up to the cooling night. My plants were great, my toothguard safe. We had dinner from the freezer. We threw a lot of stuff into the compost bin. Things we'd left in the fridge when we'd left. Then a quick trip to King Soopers for stocking up.

I called my parents with knowledge of our safe return and a list of things we'd left when I discovered my Birkies were no where to be found. Jet reveled in his new toys, his play room, and his playsets. Happy, happy boy. It took a bit to tear him away from all that, but when we finally got him to try and go to sleep, he slept like a log.

It's good to be home.

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