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I had a pretty good day at work. John stayed home with Jet, and despite a rather sore back they did quite a lot. John's back felt better when he applied the hot rice pack to it repeatedly, so he and Jet were able to get out and check out the school, get all the information they needed, and then go to the pediatrician's to get all the information that the school needed. Then they played at McDonald's and Jet had a blast and went right to sleep for a nap. Yay!!

Home again, home again, and I made super simple dinner: hot dogs, mac and cheese from a box (Annie's, naturally), and a big bowl of green beans from the bag that had thawed when the freezer had been left open.

So it was quick, easy and Jet played a lot in the house with all his toys. He had done really well with the potty all day, telling John exactly when he needed to go. And he'd used potties all over the place. He even got to explore Seven Oak's potties that were "Jet sized!" that was pretty fun for him. So he had a great clean and dry day and he marked a card with all the stamps from the last couple of weeks. We hadn't tracked them in San Diego and that may have been one of the reasons he had so many accidents, so we put them all on a card so that John can take the card and the stamp with him to Seattle.

We tried something new with Jet's night time routine, pretty much enforcing the "only nurse in your room" thing, and "books with someone else, preferribly in your bed, but it's okay in a couch" kind of thing, too. The books before bed is a really great way to get him to relax, especially with all the Good Night books. I know that they'll have to do something different in Seattle, but, for now at last, the nursing thing is only if he's really going to sleep.

After Jet went to sleep, John and I watched some Olympic coverage, and during some of the cheering a mouse slipped out from under the TV and ran around the edge of the room, under one of the couches! Eek. After some thumping on the couch, it ran back under the TV. So John set up a trap right there. He went to sleep relatively early.

I heard the mouse squeaking and saw the trap nudge a bit, but it never went off! Then the mouse darted out again, and back under the couch. So I went to find another trap; but found that it was broken. A part had, evidently, popped out. It was pretty bent from, probably John, trying to put it back together, so I unbent it, tried bending it and sticking it in several ways, and realized I just couldn't. So I studied it to see how it was made, and finally lifted out a piece, which allowed me to put this piece back in, and then slide the other piece over it. It all clicked back together! Yay! I added some cheddar cheese to the tongue, and put it right at the same place the mouse had disappeared under the couch. John said that it was really supposed to be put just in the path of the mouse, the lure wasn't really supposed to enhance it by much. Still... it never hurts to put in a piece of stinky cheese....

I then hurried upstairs, as it was midnight, and I was supposed to do morning duty with Jet.

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