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Back at Altitude


I hurt all over. I feel like I have a cold. My guts are really unhappy with me.

I guess this is the price of a week at sea level. Getting back hurts so bad.

Work was okay. Jet was unhappy about going to Brenda's, but after getting some time, eating his breakfast, and knowing where he was going for a while, he was finally good about going. He hadn't woken up until nearly 8. I think he's still on West Coast time. I actually walked to work, as I had to get in, I thought, early, but found out that my meeting at 9 had gone away. Whew.

I was pretty run down all day, and thought it insane to go to the Rec. Center, but when it was time, we went. I shook while I walked, but it felt good to do as I had to talk with John for a while, and we talked while we walked.

Swimming with Jet was great. He had a blast and he was just so happy to be back where he knew everything and everything was familiar. He ran around and swam in the Lazy River, and did the tube slides, and had a great time with the little slide with all the other kids. He swam, jumped, and zoomed everywhere. Happy boy.

Dinner was at Siagon Express, and Jet dug through most of a plate of rice, ate some soup, and drank a whole glass of soy milk. I suspect that he likes the soy milk because of the sugar content, but the soy, at least, should help complete the proteins in the rice, so I'm all for it. I had a cup of won ton soup (which doesn't come close to describing the fragrant, flavor studded, riot of ingredient soup) and three of the shrimp spring rolls, which had rice noodles, fresh herbs and vegetables, crisp shrimp, and savory ground meat all wrapped in a translucent rice wrapper. They were so good. It gave me a great idea as to how to use some of my mint.

Jet nearly fell asleep in John's lap, but he talked cheerfully all the way home. Getting to sleep tonight, for him, was not a problem.

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