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Hard to Sleep

After catching the mouse on Friday, John had left the trap in the same place, just in case...

... and last night, in my sleep, I thought I dreamed of a snap, a lot of squeaking, and then plastic rattling around, but far away and faint through the closed door. But then it wasn't a dream, and I kept getting woken up by tiny squeaking and rattling, downstairs. Sounded like mouse hell. Finally, I couldn't stand it anymore, and woke up John and asked him, nicely, to deal with it. I imagine that when he's gone I'll have to deal with it myself, but for now I'd take advantage of my great fortune.

Turned out that the trap had caught the mouse by a hind foot. So John took it outside and let it go and it ran off. Seemed only right to let it go instead of doing something like trying to kill it, when it seemed to be moving okay even with what's probably a broken leg.

Turns out that with all the rain and lush grass the mouse population around here has exploded. I just don't really want to have to keep doing this, but with the weather gradually sliding to cool, I guess we'll have to.

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