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"You know... like there's no 'I' in 'Team', there's no 'U' in 'IT'"

I had a bad run-in with our off-shore IT help desk today. Once it got transfered to our local guys, they did an infinitely better job of supporting me. The off-shore guy just made me want to smack him and tell him not to be so fucking condescending. He never asked me a single question. The moment he heard what my problem was (okay, and my often mistaken for an eight-year-old voice), he thought he already knew the source, i.e. that I had deleted all my inbox email last Friday by accident. I had accessed that mail from home Saturday morning. I hadn't deleted, edited, or changed anything, on purpose, being leery of like problems. I had accessed it read-only, but something in Netscape 7.1 had deleted everything from the imap mailboxes on our servers. Stupid tool. Why he assumed it HAD to be a stupid user just got my goat.

Growl. It was mild justification to now know that the Friday night backup had everything in it; but still.

My local guys were great about it, but then, I guess, they know me. And they found the backup in the right spot and got it all back for me. So I'm willing to give all the kudos to them.

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