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Some Recovery Time

I managed to take Jet for the morning, but I have to admit that I mostly lay on his bed while he played with things upstairs and came over to talk to me while I was half-asleep. He was great and just played and played and talked with me and got loud until I acknowledged him, but then he went back to doing what he was doing. Then he wanted to get something from downstairs, so I encouraged that, and he went downstairs just fine and took a while getting what it was that he wanted.

When he came back upstairs he said to me, "I see snapped trap." Very quietly.

I woke up at that and looked at him, this was the other reason I'd been avoiding going downstairs. "You did?" He nodded. I squinted, "Did you see a mouse?" He shook his head. "No mouse."

Ah. So we went downstairs together and played stuff until John woke up around 8:30, which was good. HE was the one that found the dead mouse in the trap and got rid of it. Thank you!! He made a nice, hearty breakfast of hash browns, bacon, and eggs, and Jet noshed down three slices of bacon. I should have tried the egg on him, not the hash browns!! He's eaten scrambled eggs at both Joan's and Brenda's.

Anyway... between all that and playing with toys, we didn't get out of the house until 10 and it was waaaaaay too late for us to get the farm eggs. I got some zucchini and sweet corn for tonight, and we got a box of mini-muffins for tomorrow morning. So that was really good. We did recycling and a few other errands and Jet fell asleep on the way home.

I put a towel under him when we got home, and then I went to sleep myself. Two hours of it. Needed it badly, I guess.

So not all that much done today. I grilled the corn and zucchini and some shrimp. Jet ate pepperoni and cream cheese and Triscuits, and chowed through six of them in a row. Hungry boy. He then played, very intently, with his toys while we watched the Olympics.

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