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Grocery Store?

We went to church in the morning and I made coffee and found that the pound I'd left there before we'd left on our trip was mostly gone. I found fill-in stuff, and made plans for the coming week.

Jet stayed with us for most of the service, ran to the bathroom with John and then played toys until it was done. Then he had snack and then ran like crazy with the other kids and, on the way home, he sang. And sang. And sang... we gave up trying to get him to sleep by driving after a circuit, as it was obvious he wasn't going down.

He was tired, though, and showed it by having an accident while playing. We had lunch, but he refused to, and he played and played and John said that he was falling asleep, so I told him to go ahead and get a nap. So he did. I then got Jet, got him out to the car, and told him we were going to the grocery store as I kind of wanted to go to Vitamin Cottage and get a yoga mat (they'd had them on sale last time I visited one) and other goodies for the week. I was planning on if Jet stayed awake we'd shop, and if he went to sleep, we'd go back home and let him nap.

He did the latter, fairly quickly.

So I got some time to really tackle my tomatoes. I've been afraid of the West Nile mosquitoes, so I sprayed myself with DEET and waded in. There were a bunch of ripe but rotted on top orange beefsteaks. I think I must have thrown away ten pounds of bad tomatoes. I got another ten pound of good ones, too, though, both red and orange. The orange ones are pretty astonishingly huge; but more of them are cracked and rotted on top than whole and good. Bleh. I got through all the ripe ones, though, wrestling with the cages and using a pair of bolt cutters to make holes big enough for some of the enormous fruit. I also fed them, peered at the nigh-on overwhelmed zuc's and figured that the adverse growing conditions might slow them down a little bit. Two plants may be just right for us.

John got up soon after I finished with the garden, and we talked over a present that a friend of Mom and Dad's had given us. It was part of a Fisher-Price railroad set, completely incompatible with Jet's wooden Thomas set. So we decided to go to Toys R Us and trade 'em. Jet woke up, at a voracious lunch, and we were off.

Toys R Us was great about allowing us to trade for three new railroad cars. Jet was very, very happy. So my thank you note was accurate. Jet was very happy with the present he got and he definitely adores trains.

From there, we hit the local Asian market as I wanted the thin-cut short ribs. They actually had them on sale! So I bought a two pound bag of the frozen things, and I may eat a couple of them for dinner one night. Simple fast food. A lady, outside, stopped me to ask me where another Thai grocery store was. I blinked. The store had always seemed more Vietnamese to me than Thai... I said that I didn't know of any, thinking that this neighborhood had a Chinese store across the road and a Korean one down the road, but Thai?

John then, of course, asked the clarifying question of "Why do you need a Thai grocery?" And it turned out that she had an exchange student coming, and she wanted to get some stuff before they came. So John explained about the huge Asian markets in Denver (which, again, are more Korean and Vietnamese than Thai, but she'd find what she was looking for...), and she was quite grateful. Shows what you can get when you ask more questions.

From there we went home to drop off the goodie, and then we went to the Texas Roadhouse, where we got to see Joan and Ray, by accident. It was their anniversary. Yay! The restaurant was pretty good. The filet mignon was nicely seasoned, cooked to my order. Jet ate four rolls with butter and then a handful of peanuts and all of his chocolate milk. He also played really nicely with his new choo-choos and had a great time with that and let us eat in peace if not quiet.

I think I'll get the ribs next time. The manager brought along a sample, and I'll have to do that sometime.

Home again, home again, and we played a lot at home. Mmmm... it's good to just be home.

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