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Yesterday evening was pretty quiet. I ordered lasagna from Johnny Carino's... "fifteen layers" was too tempting, but after getting used to my handmade pasta, the smooshy stuff they had as pasta just didn't cut it for me. The tiramisu, though, made up quite nicely. Mmmm...

I read The Remarkable Adventures of Prince Jen, which Kathy had given to me over our vacation. I loved it. I especially loved all the little stories of wonder cumulating in one big ending that tied it all up beautifully. Whys answered as much as whats. Yum. I also loved that it was all based on the parable of going and doing the right thing, but having it go wrong and more wrong until the good finally catches up.

Of course, I started it around 9, which was when I had, originally, wanted to go to sleep. I got a good, long call in with John and Jet had fallen asleep on a couch while the grownups were talking. He hadn't had a nap, so it was a fine way to go. Hopefully he slept the night. I finished the book a bit before 11, and went right to sleep and didn't get up until 7:30.

Had a mildly frustrating meeting where two people who hadn't been there last week were asking all the questions we'd answered the previous week, so I spent another time to catch them up. The managers of the IT teams had interacted with last asked for my specific feedback, and I gave it to them as thoroughly as I knew how. I still have two tricky things to write.

I went into Boulder at lunch time to get my glasses fixed, and they did a pretty good job with them. I stopped by Barnes and Noble and got two more "Bible"s. I have a very thick, black pseudo-leather covered grid paper journal (for the paper and pen mad, it's a Miguelruis made in Spain) that I keep all my meeting and interview notes in that people have started to call "The Requirements Bible". It's a good 300 page of note paper and I've already gone halfway through it in just two months. I have some nice book jewelry to go with it, I've marked my coaching sessions with bronze page points, and I thought it would be fun to remain consistent with these. I'd picked up this one at B&N, so got two more at ten bucks a pop. They also had a little Yoga To Go box, so I bought that, too, thinking that I'd wanted something. Then I hit Vitamin Cottage and they did NOT have the mats, so I was very glad to get the matless togo version of some of the exercises.

Piecemeal day.

I have ended up back at work. Did the catch-up meeting and they were very grateful for the information that wasn't in the presentation, and felt that they had a much better handle on what needed to be done and what it all meant. Yay!! Also got three requests for a certain document, so I'll hit that tomorrow, after my 8 am meeting and my morning presentation. Now you know why I don't detail work so much, usually, it's pretty boring stuff, on the whole.

I am going to hit the McDonald's DVD kiosk for my movies and eat either the short ribs or tomatoes and pasta for dinner, though with pasta last night and for lunch, it's probably time for MEAT!

I miss my boys. I am enjoying my time alone. I still have this background fever pitch of self-hatred that I'm pointedly ignoring, but for the food. I'm eating too much at the moment. So it is. For three more days it shouldn't be a problem.

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