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Kill Bill

I do wonder if there will now be a generation that thinks of David Carradine as Bill, not as Young Grasshopper. I do think it is an improvement on his image. *grin*

I loved 'em. I was expecting to. Ever since Dusk to Dawn, I've liked the Tarentino movies I've seen, and they've all been really violent. I'm now not all that sure why Kill Bill 1 had so much buzz about the sheer amount of gore. But that may be that I've seen and loved the same kinds of movies he does. After a few dozen Hong Kong flicks, a few samurai movies, the great ones, even, having an army of mooks die bloody and terrible deaths seems just another step in the old stories being told. It's like all those martial arts movies and manga and my whole comicbook collection all rolled together into one huge, bloody, extremely goal-oriented, violent, and death-laden mass laced with questions and answers about honor, love, and faith. I loved it.

I'll also say, emphatically, that it's not for anyone that doesn't like to see the consequences of violent actions.

I do now see why folks thought one had little plot. It's just so much the vengeance theme and That's It that it's pretty single-minded. But so pretty, especially the whole fight sequence in the garden in snow. Yum.

I really got into part 2, especially the last several sequences, for the obvious reasons to those who have seen it. It jives with my experience.

And part 2 would have made far less sense if there hadn't been 1 before it. For me, at least, 1 really set things up beautifully for 2, and the two really are just one story. I loved that the Cantonese sifu was so terrible at speaking Mandarin. Small points, but so many of them added up for me in both movies that they were well worth my $2 and then some. *grin*
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