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The Boys

I got out of class a little early and ate up all that time finding a diesel station that had reasonable prices. So right as I pulled into Pena blvd, my celphone rang and they were at the luggage claim and headed for pickup. I took an extra loop, but got them the second time around and both of them were very happy to see me. Happy sigh.

Home again, home again, and we talked about my class stuff. It was scary for me. I'm always a bit frightened about feedback because so many authority figures, in the past, have abused that phrase to mean "tell you what's wrong with you". Blame stuff that just hurts so bad. John gave me some courage. We'll see how it goes.

Dinner was ravioli in a quck tomato sauce from the garden. There are plenty of red, ripe tomatoes, and they were really good in a quick sauce with just basil and garlic. Yum. Jet ate three slices of garlic toast after asking, at first, for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He took one bit of the sandwich and declared that he didn't like it. He did take our toast, and ate a lot of it, including the crusts, for once, after I made mention of the fact that he, as a baby, had eaten them.

Bed time was late, but good. He got into 'jamas, got some chocolate milk, I brushed and flossed his teeth, and then he lay in his bed while John read to him. Then he and I nursed in the rocking chair, and as I put him into his bed, his eyes opened, but he just grabbed my hand before curling up back to sleep. I covered him up, sat with him for a little while, and then left, quietly. I am so tired it's not even funny anymore. Exhausted emotionally as well as physically.

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