Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Sad Jet

John and Jet went swimming last night, while I went and got a massage.

Jet then went to sleep earlier than the night before, and he seemed pretty tired and cranky, telling me that he had to nurse downstairs until I just pulled him, gently, into the rocking chair in his room and he said, "Oh, okay..." and relaxed.

He went to sleep pretty quickly.

He got up around 5:45, and he started asking for his monkey! So much for not being attached... he finally settled for two teddy bears (including the one Rick and Limarick had given him) and me. He kicked around for a bit and finally went back to sleep.

I got back up at 6:45, changed the alarm in our room to 7am, and was rudely awakened, but then couldn't Get Up. So lay there for another fifteen minutes before dragging myself out of bed, got ready, and then just walked out the door to work. Oops. I'm now realizing that I forgot to water my plants, but they'll survive one day of neglect... John was up with me, but Jet was still sound asleep.

Anyway... walked into work. got here just in time to get an agenda out, call someone that I felt I should call, but he wasn't there. He did, however, show up at the meeting to explain more of the system problems that this particular change was supposed to help, and that helped mollify my own mild rage at this late date change he and his folks were proposing. It also addressed some other objections folks had, which was good.

I also found out that my problem child of a project had been thoroughly taken care of by the originally reluctant engineer, and she seemed to feel better about having done it. ALSO got in my 1:1 with my report only to return to my desk with a blinking message light... and called the guy I tried to call earlier, and got that hashed out.

Which was when Rosty arrived to say that Jet had had a very sad morning, where he was clingy and sad and he wanted "the singing school", which, I think, was Brenda's because she and her kids did a lot of singing to learn various things. So much for taking his morning protests at face value, I guess. The teacher was quite willing to hold him when John finally left; but we still have a ways to go with this transition, I think... it seems to take him a couple of months to get into a new place, completely, but yesterday's start was good enough I'd been willing to hope. But maybe it's just really sinking in, with Jet, that he isn't going to be able to go back to Brenda's.

Sigh. We'll get through it, but it was sad to hear about.

Okay... not as sad as the story of the school and all its children being held hostage in Russia... I guess that does give one perspective.


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