Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Woozy this morning. Had to get up early to send my Passat into the shop and it trashed me a little, as Jet was just up twice last night, but I woke up at 3 am for no good reason and couldn't get back to sleep for a bit. I guess that's the flip side to having no problems getting up at night, but having problems with not sleeping in in the morning.

We spent a lot of last night thrashing out all our travel plans and people coming to visit for the next couple of months. Of course, having set up the whole plane trip for OryCon and to see a bit of Seattle again, I'm now dreaming of killing terrorists on planes. Whoooie... what fun. I still don't have anything coherent to say about everything. So it is. Though I really liked the article about present security practices being snake oil because it made coherent something I'd been feeling about the whole deal. Also, last night's TV news noted that a lot of airports seem to be arbitrarily adding security procedures. When TV news notices something like that it's gotta be pretty glaring.

Work's gotten to the point where it's completely overwhelming me, emotionally. Just too much to do. Lots of it little stuff, so I've finally broken it down as much as possible into as small a set of steps as possible and I'm finally starting to check things off. One At A Time. Just go through it mechanically, sending the questions as I write them down, and checking them off and incorporating answers while I can. It's a frigging system I'm trying swallow, John noted, and it's a system that has several hundred people working on it so it's not too surprising I can't digest the whole thing at once. I have to work at it.

There are still moments when I berate myself for not being able to swallow it whole. I should be easier on myself.

The good thing is that last night I made a baking sheet of meatballs after a rather forgettable meal of mini-tamales, refried beans from a can, and an actually good salad that John had made. So we should have a better meal tonight. I've been dying to make the Shanghai teacakes my Mom gave me the recipe for when she was here, but I have to get my rolling pin made to do it. I had an eight inch bit of doweling that has finally given up the ghost, the outside has been gradually splintering away, and I bought myself a solid oak dowel to cut and replace it with; but I haven't done the cutting and it needs a good deal of sanding to make the ends acceptable for food use. I know, this is reminiscent of the time when I made lasagna by making the ricotta and the mozzarella first and then made the pasta with flour and eggs and then used the whey from the cheeses to make the dinner bread with it... starting from scratch. At least I didn't try and grind my own flour or milk some cows to start.

I really want to try the mozzarella recipe again. I saw Tyler Florence on Food 911 making fresh moz from curd. I can make the curd, what I was missing was the actual technique for pulling the melted moz, the microwave directions I got with the curding implements was okay for making rubbery hard grocery store moz, but I've been really wanting to make the soft 'fresh' mozzarella that one spends so much for at the cheese store. Unsurprisingly, the cooking of the cheese in the microwave to get the liquid out was responsible for the rubbery texture, it seems.

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