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A Pool Moment

I had five meetings in six hours' worth of work today. Bleh. Then, at 2:30, I headed off to the dentist for my first cleaning in a year. I think that the stress, eating sweets, and stuff really added up and I had a very painful cleaning and some pretty deep pockets on my gums. Bad ju-ju. Enough 5's to warrant another visit in three months. It was mildly funny to have the cleaner comment, "I'm getting really deep here... you must have a really high pain threshold." For those that know my long-ago past that would sound really, really funny; as it was, it was a lot of slow breathing time, and I got through it and I'd rather go through that and have some pain than lose some teeth.

I also brought up the crown I was having mild, and lessening problems with. I'd bit down on something hard while in San Diego on my lower left crown, and it's ached, on and off, since then. They actually X-Rayed it to be sure there was no decay under the crown, then checked my bite, and then, after asking me a bunch of questions, figured that I probably just bruised some ligaments under the tooth. The dentist said that "if you really want to..." I could go on a four or five day regimen of ibuprofen, just take it all day and night, and the ligaments would stop being so inflamed and would probably feel a lot better. Given that I've been taking ibuprofen each night for a variety of reasons, that sounded pretty reasonable. I loved that he told me it was entirely optional and that it would probably get better on its own, and probably better faster if I just didn't bite on that side for a while.

What really impressed me was that their investigation was thorough, eliminated possibilities, one by one, and they asked me a ton of questions about the circumstances! Yay! I am more comfortable with these guys than the last place, even with the pain of the cleaning, and knowing the reality of what she was measuring really helped me know that it was just necessary.

So my teeth ached when I went to get Jet from Joan's. She was still at the airport when she'd originally told me she'd be at the house, and it took a good forty-five minutes for her to show up, but I got another hour's worth of work done because of all that. It was nice sitting under a tree, with a bunch of my books and papers and I just plowed through some stuff in peace, quiet, and with nothing more technical than a pencil to think with. That was nice.

Jet and I headed for home and he told me he was going swimming. We argued about whether it would be the Rec. Center or the pool for the whole way home. I think he enjoys the arguments, actually. Joan said that he and Haley had argued all morning, but both of them had behaved beautifully for the whole trip. That was pretty funny. But then he argued with me the whole way home.

We ended up swimming at the pool and had a good time for about half an hour. I didn't want to be there that long, but it was good to try and wear him out a little. He swam and swam and took a raft out into the deep end, with me close behind.

I stepped on something hard and YELLOW in the deep end, and I kicked it up to the surface, grabbed it and it was a bulldozer Transformer. I handed it to Jet and he was delighted. He played with it for a bit, and then pushed it over the side. I, fool as I was, got it. Again, and again, and... "Jet, next time you push it overboard, YOU get it."

He pushed it overboard and looked at me.

I looked at him.

He frowned and then dove into the water, trying to get down to the toy. He popped up like a cork, grabbed the raft and said, "Mom! You push me down."

I blinked, and it was the weirdest thing in the world to push my son down to the bottom of the pool. But I did it. And he grabbed the toy and swam back up without a problem, one-handed. He handed me the toy, got a breath of air, grabbed the raft, got on it and demanded his bulldozer.

He played with it for five seconds before pushing it off again, and diving into the water after it. This time I pushed him without him asking and he did it five more times before he asked to be taken to the steps, where he drove it for a while. I Transformed it for him and he was delighted again, and played with it on the steps until he was shivering. I made him swim a bit before we got out, dried off and headed for home.

We showered. We then had a huge argument about eating, and I told him that he was acting all cranky and whiny and crying and that usually meant he was hungry. He settled on pepperoni and cream cheese and crackers, and settled at the table after I said that was fine for dinner. He then sat there, quite happily, and said, "Mom! Mom! I'm not cranky anymore!" Yay for self-awareness... and a glass of unfiltered apple juice and a plate of crackers, cheese, and pepperoni and he was a very happy boy who wanted to play Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. John came home at this time, and he got called about his last Land Rover.

Yeah. We're selling The Last Land Rover, the Stoat. We decided we are just not using it, and we really wanted the room for bikes or, eventually, maybe an electric car to just get us around town. There's a lot of interest in the beast, so John knows that he can sell it. So the process has begun for selling the last Land Rover. We've had them, on and off, for about 17 years. So it's an end of an era, though, if Jet gets old enough to want to "build" a car of his own, we would be happy to get back into them.

I played CandyLand with Jet and got every darned candy card in the deck. Hee.

Then John was able to take over and I headed off to King Soopers for some quiet shopping time. Whew. We needed yogurt tubes for Jet's lunch tomorrow, along with some peeled fruit, whole grain crackers, pepperoni and maybe cheese, and he might eat some of it. I can hope.

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