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Day with Mom

I took today off. I'm back to being part-time and it's such a relief it's amazing.

It was also a great deal of fun after we plowed through an hour and a half of meetings and another hour of work. Jet mostly played with his own toys. I read to him for a ten minute break, and he watched some TV, but mostly seemed content to build things and flip through books. After my work session, we played together for a long time.

I loved sitting in a pitch black closet with a three-year-old, two "light cars" (Hot Wheels with LEDs inside them), and a LeapPad train that taught counting over and over and over and over... it was just so cool to sit in there and play with Jet and talk about stuff that was important to him and just be there and breath again. Just to be Mom for a while.

John said that he had no desire to be a stay-at-home Dad after the summer of having two days with Jet a week. I, on the other hand, occasionally get a twinge of mmmm... just be momma. It certainly wouldn't play to all my strengths, but dang it might be fun for a while.

We actually had a lot of fun having mildly warm arguments all day about all kinds of things from going to the potty to what toys to bring to whether we should go out at all. They were just small disagreements, and mild arguments that would mostly run to contradictions, but Jet was very comfortable saying his mind, and when I really meant something, I could just stick with it and he'd eventually figure out what he couldn't persuade me, so that was good. He also figured out when saying what he wanted was really good, too. But it was nice to be assertive, over and over again without getting aggressive, at all, and just have it be a kind of two-way thing, as when he was assertive without being aggressive, he usually got what he wanted, too. We'd get a bit heated and raise our voices just a bit to emphasize things, but no shouting, no temper tantrums, and no crying on either side, which was really good. I figure that so long as he gets to state his case and get heard, he'll continue to have an inordinately low number of meltdowns.

We did go to McDonald's. I brought my knitting so that he could play as much as he wanted. But he surprised the heck out of me, as soon as he'd finished his lunch, got to play with his new light car (with a green LED instead of the red the other two had) a bit, he told me he wanted to go get some ice cream. I was quite easy to persuade in this case, and we went to Dairy Queen, both got cups of ice cream, both finished the parts we were interested in (his with sprinkles and mine with fudge), dumped the rest of the plain ice cream, and then headed home. He promptly fell asleep, and I got another hour and a half in. Given that I officially go back to part time on Wednesday, it seemed appropriate to make up the other four hours today, while I could and just work the rest of the week the way I usually do.

That was neat.

When Jet woke up we went swimming at our neighborhood pool and we had a great time. Jet's swimming "neater" now, no splashing, just quiet effort in the direction and way he wants to go. It's pretty impressive seeing him glide through the water and the just stop to float for a while and look around before getting some air and then going again, smooth and still. Another mom, with two, much bigger kids, kept yelling at her kids to "help the little boy!" when Jet was doing just fine. It's hard to tell, sometimes, I guess; but he's getting air as much as he needs to and he doesn't panic, at all. He just figures out a way to do what he wants to do. That was fun.

We got home and Jet got a bath. John came home, finished that up while I showered. Then I made cold peanut sauce noodles with chicken, cucumber, and a carrot from our garden. That was yummy and excellent for the hot weather. I think the days are hotter now that it's nearly fall than they've been for a while.

It was so relaxing simply to share a day with Jet. I'm glad I'm back to part-time.

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