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Bathroom Blues

I was on the toilet this afternoon when Jet suddenly bursts in.

"Hi, Mom!" he says.

"Uhm.. hi."

"I coming in, be with you." Jet settles on the stool in the corner.

"Okay. I guess I'm with you when you're on the potty." I reflect, calmly.

"Yeah." A moment, Jet frowns. "I need to use the potty."

"Well, it's going to be a little while before I get off."

"I want to use the downstairs potty!" (which is the one I'm in and the only one on this floor)

"Hm. That's tough. I'm going to be here a while. How about you go upstairs with Daddy and use your potty?" Emphasis intended by me.

He squints, "No. I wait." A beat. "You done yet?" In exactly the tone I sometimes use with him when he's been on for a good ten to fifteen minutes.

"No." I say, just barely keeping a straight face.

A beat. He squirms, "You done yet?"

"No, Jet. You can go to your potty, upstairs..."

He squirms some more, then jumps up. "OK. I go upstairs. DADDY!!" He runs out and slams the door.

I crack up...

Saturday was very busy though it was more from making it that way than anything.

In the morning, when I got up, I proposed a run to the Farmer's market and have breakfast there. John had roasted some of the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, and so I had a nearly too large mug of it. It was great, though I was juggling my travel mug with all the bags of produce and honey and bread we got. I needed onions, garlic, and other things.

I'd used the last of the garlic Friday night in some pesto that we'd had with ravioli. The ravioli were just ordinary, grocery store frozen food, but they cooked up quickly and the pesto made them something rich and special. My basil was so huge and starting to think about flowering, so I cut it down mercilessly, and had plenty to stuff most of the blender jar, though it blended down to what looked like nearly nothing. I had enough to freeze half of it before adding the cheese, and the other half was plenty for John and I. Jet peered at the "green squares", but wouldn't touch them. Ah well.

Probably enough for four adults:
1 (or 2 if you're a garlic head like John and I) cloves of fresh garlic, skins removed and smashed with a marble brick
1/3 cup toasted pecans
1/4-1/2 cup really nice olive oil
2 packed cups of basil
1/2 cup grated parmesian (if you're eating the whole thing)

I tossed the garlic and nuts and some oil in first, then added the leaves, and kept pushing them down between pulse of the blender. When it was mostly in, I just let it go at low speed and added enough olive oil for it to start flowing just a bit. It was still really thick at that point, but good enough for me. I then put half in a container in the freezer, and the other half into a big bowl and stirred in a quarter cup of grated, real parmesian, it's salty enough I didn't have to season it at all, but this would be the time to taste and season. I then tossed my cooked pasta into the big bowl and gently folded the ravioli with the pesto until it was all well coated. Mmmm... green.

John and Jet and I wandered all the way down, and bought all the way back up, other than the dozen of local, large farm eggs. We got those first, as the egg lady has an unsteady supply and is usually gone early as she sells out readily. We got three kinds of onions, the garlic, a loaf of seven grain bread, our breakfast, a honey bear with local honey, three chicken tamales, three spinach tamales, a slice of key lime pie, half a pound of slender green beans, and one Asian eggplant. I'm the only one in the family that will eat eggplant and these were so gorgeous I had to get one. No fruit. Colleen had left us two very nice, ripe cantaloupe on our doorstep. Yum. Jet also got a big bag of kettle corn for breakfast, and ate nearly the whole thing and he was quite happy.

We found a nice curb and ate our breakfasts and drank our coffee, and then headed to recycling where we dropped off the few things we needed to do. Jet complained, fiercely about not being allowed to help "dump the garbage", but we were only doing cardboard (involving ducking across the traffic going through the yard) and paperboard. So we weren't there long enough to do much of anything.

Home again, home again, and Jet demanded "the steamshovel movie!" John had borrowed a tape of Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne, the steamshovel story, where they dig a cellar so straight and true that they find themselves stuck in it. The boys had gotten it from the library, and Jet's been demanding it every day since and every time we have a moment to breath. So he got to watch it.

Then we ran to the company picnic, and had a good time there seeing everyone just enjoying the grounds, the games, and the food. Jet saw lots of kids running around with cotton candy and he had to try it. Now I wished I'd brought my camera, as he ended up covered in thick, blue goo and happy as a clam. We washed off, and he discovered the snow cones, and got blue again... so he was all pink-cheeked from the sun, but blue around the mouth. That was a very odd combination. I cheerfully followed Jet and Haley around while the adults played some volleyball. They played miniature golf quite happily, ate their snow cones, and then found the board games in the air conditioned building. Smart kids. When they were done there, John and Joan found us and we talked for a while before heading to the balloon clown lady and Jet got a long-neck dinosaur that lasted about two minutes before being popped some some flagstones. *grin*

We headed home. Jet slept. I baked. Yeah. Baked. The garden had come up with three more modest zucchini and I cut them while they were young. I should probably use some of the new blossoms for quesadillas sometimes. Easy way to squash the pod people early on. And I made chocolate zucchini cake. It's my favorite use for zucchini, and it's delicious to boot. Best of all, since we were planning on taking dinner to others, we wouldn't have to eat the whole thing ourselves! Yay!

Yeah. Chad was moving yesterday, with his wife, Elena, and John and I decided to take dinner to them. I called Thai Kitchen and was promised food by 6:10 pm. We got silverware, plates, cups, drinks, and packed up the cakes and went there. Of course, they were running late, and I didn't get our dinner until nearly 6:25, but we zoomed over to Chad's new house, and were greeted like heroes! Hoorah! They really enjoyed the food. Jet was great. He actually ate rice without any sauce, and talked with us during dinner. He went and played toys for a while, and asked to go into the basement to play there! Hee. But we presented the cake then, and he plowed through a whole slice quite happily even as we talked about the fact that there was zucchini in there. Undetectable, taste-wise, but it kept the cake quite moist. Yum.

We got a tour of the enormous and beautiful house, then packed everything up and headed home, where we played some video games before Jet and his parents went to sleep. Zzzzzz....

I persuaded Jet to let me stay asleep until 8, and then I ran to the church to do the pre-church school coffee. It was mildly frustrating to get the coffee machine started, but once I got it really going, it chugged through six pots, no problem. I ate my key lime pie for breakfast. Yum. Talk about a second level buzz, though, between the really strong coffee and the creamy sugar of the pie. Whooowie! Then we had church. I refilled flasks, and had some snack with Jet, and got caught up in various conversations about coffee and doing the fellowship time with the lady who is now in charge of it all. Yay! Someone's in charge!

Jet got grouchier and more cunning as he got more and more tired. Then we ran home. I went home with Jet, and he refused to nap. I asked him to lie down on the couch for a while at home, and he did for about three minutes and then started crying when it looked like we were thinking of making him stay there any longer. So he got up and then polished off two whole slices of pepperoni pizza and asked for more. Wow. He got a third, and mostly just played with it. Ah well.

John had to write some stuff, so I had Jet empty his "Buggy Bank" (it's a ceramic spider, very cute, that is his bank), and we went to Target, and he bought some Play-Doh after the first dozen things were out of his price range. He was a completest, though, and had to get ALL EIGHT colors at once rather than making do with four and getting something else. I bought dish washing liquid as we were about out and then tried, again, to drive around a bit before going home. Jet was not playing. He argued, talked, sang, stole my comb and played with it until he dropped it, and then stayed awake with sheer onryness until I gave up and went home.

He's still up. He wanted "NOTHING!" for dinner, and refused to even look at the dining room table. We did play Play Doh for a good two hours before we started doing dinner stuff. We had some bathroom adventures that were a bit more argumentative than the opening sequence. And he wanted, dearly, to play with my "Owies!" (sewing pins) while I was sewing the zipper onto the second sweater I'd made for a Christmas bazaar at work. John distracted him with Light Bright and Legos and puzzles and a play area that they just don't have to clean up to keep feet safe. I am thankful, just as I'm thankful that John reheated couscous and jerk chicken, toasted bread, and cooked the green beans for a fast, nice, stay-at-home dinner. I wasn't up to much and Walt's arriving tomorrow, so we'll be eating out again. I'm just so uninspired....

I think it may be a combination of a lack of sleep (Both John and I were up with Jet last night. I did the morning shift, i.e. from when Jet still calls it dark until a reasonable time to get up.) and allergies.

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