Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

Longmont's Oktoberfest

It was actually quite nice!

They had a couple of streets blocked off, dozens of food booths, and none of them had to deal with money. There were front areas where you could buy tickets for food or beer (they'd tag you with an ID check), and then you'd just hand the booth keepers tickets for food. And there were a lot of great stuff beyond the usual brats.

The Mead Cafe was serving "cabbage burgers", where they had a mixture of cabbage, beef, spices, and vegetables wrapped in bread and baked. They'd wrapped them in foil, put them in an oven, and brought them. They were delicious. They really reminded me of a vegetable-meat bun, tsai ro bow, in Chinese cuisine, and the juices had soaked into the bread, and it was wonderful. I also had a plate of spaghetti and meatballs from Pinocchio's and they had done it perfectly. This was the missing angel hair and simple tomato sauce that I'd been wanting since leaving Cucina Cucina behind, and which, I found on this last trip, they no longer have! Sniff. So I am now set. Perfectly ripe tomatoes cooked to just the perfect consistency, lightly herbed, and tossed with perfectly cooked pasta. happiness.

Jet and Mikayla had a blast with each other, egging each other on, and running around everywhere. Mikayla ate a hot dog. Jet would only touch drinks, pop and chocolate milk. But they had fun.

We got to see Bob and Mei and Bob's sister Sally. That was really fun. But then they had to leave to take Mei home, and Jet was getting pretty punch drunk with all the people and excitement, so we took him home after Sally and Bob promised to come by and Sally had expressed a hankering for good chocolate.

So I made my chocolate thingys and the Scharfenbuger bars are cut differently than my Bernard C bars, so I may well have done half again as much chocolate. They turned out gorgeously dense and intense, and Sally was quite happy with hers. Jet wrinkled his nose at the one offered him, and ate five pepperoni and Triscuit sandwiches, so I'm not sad. *grin*

But it was a blast just getting to talk to Sally again, and just sit and hold a marvelous conversation. It was wonderful fun.

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