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Fr. K

Fr. K came on a business trip. We got to have dinner with him Tuesday night, and then he came this morning for "a cup of coffee" and more conversation.

I worked for him for a short time. That's when I went out and did customer research on the system and board product and I had a great time doing that, enough so that it's stuck with me as something I really want to do in the long term.

John and the original Synario crew worked with him for the first concept of the whole toolset, and it's always left an impression with him. Bob and John and I have always said that the only thing that hurt about working with Dave was leaving him and finding most other managers woefully inept in comparison.

What made an impact with me, this time, was that having worked now, for Charles, I'm less woeful about it. There are others out there.

Still, it was just cool to get back into contact with him. John and I made bagels, and Jet had one with peanut butter. The guys roasted coffee together, brewed, and enjoyed. I was out the door for an 8 am meeting, but heard, later, that Jet had washed the dishes, looking around for more as they were finishing up their coffee and he'd thanked them for their cups. *grin* That was cool.

Jet had no problems going to pre-school at all.

We had lunch at the Egg & I with Bob and Lynn and it was good. I really enjoyed my sandwich, but the soup was far too salty, and the fruit was perfect. I'll remember which way they bend the next time I go.

I had a weird day... and when I got home, and John and Jet were proposing a swim, I asked them if I could just have a nap. I lay down on the bed and didn't come conscious again until the boys had come home and were playing with other things. They bought pizza, Papa John's, and it was good and quick and quiet.

I wish I knew why I had so little energy and while part of me was saying that it was because I didn't exercise, the rest of me thinks it might just well be work and stress and not nearly enough sleep or something... so the nap was helpful. Whew.

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