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Day With Jet

I really enjoyed today. Jet didn't nap until now, oops, but he had a good day and he was getting grumpier and grumpier, so it was safer to have him nap now than later. Walt should be arriving soon and a Rostykus Uncle is always good for a good night's sleep.

I didn't have any meetings this morning, as my one report is off on vacation. So Jet and I played for a lot of the morning (okay, Jet played. I backed chocolate chocolate chip scones and five dozen ccc's with pecans) before heading out to McDonald's and then the Red Barn park. Jet ate nearly nothing, and all the other kids eyed Jet's fries. Oops. I guess Jet's just in one of his "I'm not HUNGRY." phases, and he'll do better in a week or so and he was eating a lot the last couple of weeks, including his good lunch packed for him for school.

We were at the park for a good three hours and then we wandered along the creek, peering at crawdads, the current, and sticks we threw into the current. Jet loved that. Heck. I loved that.

We had some ice cream at Diary Queen, and then came home. Jet played a bit of Freddi Fish and then decided the hot tub was the place to be. So Jet went out and played happily in the hot tub until the fifteen minute timer went off, and then he had a melt down. He hadn't seemed tired. Oops. He finally cried it all out and then asked to lie on the couch and he wiggled and squiggled and put his head up on the Way Too High armrest and instantly fell asleep. Oops.

Well, at least he's asleep and I get to play a little.

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