Liralen Li (liralen) wrote,
Liralen Li

I'm still drowning in work.

Also discovered that the plane tickets that John and I bought for OryCon were for the wrong weekend. Whoops. So we're having to go back and switch the reservations, a little bit of money and John'll spend a little time on the phone and we should be set. It's good to remember to just not panic.

Jet is just cranky today, just like yesterday. Some of it is that he's refusing to go down for a nap, screaming and crying whenever he is laid down. He did finally manage a half hour nap. But he's still a grumpy little guy, and it's obvious something is bothering him, even though no teeth are erupting yet, he yanks away whenever we try to touch his mouth. So it's likely that something is happening.

Up in the office this afternoon, between 2pm and 3pm, he crawled forward for the first time, three entire leaps forward with his hands and then both legs at the same time. My. Talk about using momentum...

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