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Good, Quiet Day

Walt left before I even got out of the bedroom, but we'd said a mild good-bye the night before. I was glad that he'd come. John and I did a team-packing of Jet's lunch and that went fast, that way.

Jet was a little subdued going to school this morning, but he did quite well, all in all. When he asked me to pick him up and I said No, he just turned to the teacher and let her lead him away. He did just fine, the teacher says.

I had a mildly rough morning, as it was filled with meetings and one phone call that ate half a meeting. Then I went to lunch with three other people that were in the overrun meeting. The OUR center was having a benefit lunch with spaghetti, meatballs, and all the fixings. It was quite good and they raised a lot of money and cans of food, so that was great. It was fun to just sit and talk with people for lunch.

I spent the afternoon catching up on email, getting through a pile of small things (small rocks) and getting to none of the big things I have to do, still.

It's odd. I took the Strengths Finder survey yesterday, from Gallup, and found my strength themes and they resonated, so hard, I was crying by the time I'd finished reading all the descriptions. They are:

1. Learning -- Loves learning, though no drive for awards/degrees/expertise. Just the learning process itself is a joy. Technical, personal, physical, etc. It's all the same, just getting better from nothing is a fun thing. It also means, though, that I have no need to claim expertise in anything. I can let others be the "real" experts and get on with learning something else that intrigues me.
2. Developer -- Developer of people, finds a way to get them to really do what they want to do, "sets people up for success". (Wow.)
3. Communication -- Speaks, writes, hosts, presents, and explains things to people so that they get what is trying to be communicated and will change presentations, styles, etc. to fit the audience.
4. Strategic -- Peers at chaos and finds patterns. Takes a mass of possibilities and weeds out all the things that are too costly to pursue, and finds a high level direction through the details.
5. Achiever -- Every day starts at zero. Previous accomplishments mean nothing. It's a tenacious "what have I done today?" always whispering discontent at the accomplishments of the moment. This one's something of a double-edged sword, sharp as anything, but can quickly cut the bearer.

Alone, each facet is cool and some are mildly unexpected. If I had to pick a way to describe myself nearly none of these are at the top of my head (okay, yeah, most of the things that I would have picked would have been mildly negative). They're so much a part of me they were hard for me to claim or see. What blows my head off is taking them all together. They are much of the motivation for nearly everything I've done. I can actually match, now, when these were in play with how happy or how frustrated I was with a particular situation. Not just work, but with all aspects of my life.

Anyway. I spent some time absorbing and, yes, communicating all that. *grin*

Then John and I got Jet, went to the grocery store (with Jet on my shoulders for much of it), did minimal stocking up, and went home. I then drove off to Bonnie's and had an extraordinary massage. She'd been on vacation for a week, so it's been three weeks, and it showed. She commented, mildly, that I could really use going in once a week and I hated to but had to agree with her. It's a combination of no massage and missing the Rec. Center for the week it was closed. No physical activity AND no relief from outside sources makes for a very sore Liralen.

I should do it more often. John agreed that it would be fine with him, and he made a delicious dinner of a T-bone steak shared between the two of us, sauteed zucchini, rolls, and French Fries. Jet ate a whole plate of fries and then a whole plate of apples. Mono-food boy. *grin*

I ache a bit from the massage. I should drink more water and use my heat pad and rest...

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