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Great Eating Day

Jet surprised me immensely this evening by saying,"Thanks, Mom, for a quiet day at home."

We did have a quiet day today. It was good. We stayed home. We played. I had nothing more than a half hour meeting in the morning. It was quick and fun, and was only twenty minutes. Yay!

After my meeting Jet and I ate breakfast together, then played with his cars and his Hot Wheels playset. We read books, and then went out into the garden and he swung on the swing set and I watered and fed my green plants. Jet then asked me to play Wallace and Grommet with him in the basement. So we did for an hour or two and then back upstairs and I worked on something while he played with his Tonka game. I asked him if he wanted to go out and get pizza.

Jet looked me in the eye, "The pizza guy can bring us pizza."

I nearly fell over giggling. I thought a minute and then went to Papa John's website and ordered Jet's pizza and also a chicken, spinach, and alfredo pizza. Yum. It arrived half an hour later. Smart kid. He then proceeded to eat two pieces! Wow. I may have to pack some for his lunch in a couple of days.

He then got it into his head that he wanted some water balloons. Mikayla and her parents had had water balloons yesterday and were having a blast with them yesterday with Jet. So he really wanted to do them himself, too. I wanted to see the new Asian market, too, so we got into the car, and I drove to Target and as we pulled into the parking lot Jet fell fast asleep. I took him home and went to sleep myself. I needed it as I'd stayed up way too late last night.

John called at about 4:30 and asked if we were picking him up, but I was asleep. He decided to walk home while I woke Jet up. A bit of chocolate milk, half a Veggie-tale and we were off to the Rec. Center. John and I had a great workout while Jet had fun in the toy room playing computer games with the other kids. Then Jet went wild swimming. First thing he asked for was to go down the tubes. So we did. Then we went around and around and around the current pool. Time at the kid slide as well, and time through all the fountains. Mmm...

It was great. We had a lot of fun getting clean in the shower, and then ran to Deli Cioso's, just before the 7:30 deadline. We got Jet rice, tortillas, and a juice box. John got a platter of carnitas tacos. I got one carnitas taco, one beef and onion enchilada, a dish of calabacitas, and one pumpkin empanada. The calabacitas were wonderful, yellow and green zucchini with onions big chunks of tomatoes, cheese, and just enough heat to make it interesting but not at all painful. The vegetable were just cooked until tender, no mushiness at all, and they were just delicious. Jet plowed through all his Spanish rice, tomatoes, peas, and all, along with two corn tortillas with salt. He rolled 'em up and ate 'em in huge mouthfuls. Happy boy.

Now he's watching more Veggie Tales while eating Veggie Tales fruit snacks. *giggles*

We had a good day and it's wonderful having my three-day weekends back again and good to know that my boy liked spending nearly two of them with me.

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