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A Boy and His Mom

John had a meeting today at church from 8:30 to 2:30, so I had to get up earlier than I really wanted to. Jet was happy and awake and had had a whole Pop-tart with John, so he was set. So by 9:15 we headed out the door and went to Flat Irons. Mom and Dad had had a great time with Jet there, so I thought I'd at least try it. We also had a coupon for a free silicon spatula from the Great Indoors, so we had a reason to go there beyond just riding the Zip train.

We loaded up the coupon, Jet's stroller, the emergency pack (once known as the diaper bag), and my purse with my Franklin Covey book filled with half-thought through wishes all into the Passat and headed South.

From the new place it's only a 20 minute drive. That was lucky, too, as my gut suddenly decided that it hated me and Jet, without any shoes on, rode my shoulders into the back area and we hit the bathroom Just In Time. Jet was very patient with my need to go, but giggled and played the "Are you done yet?" game with me, but at a slower and quieter pace than usual. Another lady came into the bathroom and Jet started saying, "Hello, Mr. Lady!" She laughed and said hi back a few times and he grinned and stopped.

The two of us wandered about the store for a bit just to see the cart escalators and peer at the kitchen wares to find the spatula. I ran across two white mugs I had to have. Jet found a tupperwarish cookie holder and even without the cookies in them, he wanted it. A dollar indulgence, and he had it, quite happily. He also really liked a clearance marked lime-green pitcher, but I got away with not getting it. Whew. *grin* We loaded the booty into the van, got Jet's shoes, and unloaded the stroller. He climbed right in, asked for the belt to be fastened, and then we rolled on over to the "tattoo choo-choo" stop and sat there and waited for nearly half an hour.

For the latter part of that, we saw one of the Zips at the bus stop. It stayed there the entire time! So I asked Jet if we should get back into the car, drive over there and get on... he thought about it and agreed with the plan. So we loaded back into the van, drove over there, unloaded, stuck Jet back into the stoller and then bumped, stumbled and banged our way over six curbs only to find the driver saying that they had to stay there another fifteen minutes! They were staying until 11, and then all six Zips would start up again, as they'd only had two since 7:30. So we sat there. I checked to make sure that the van was completely locked up, and the driver went and gave Jet another reason to call it the tattoo choo-choo. He gave Jet yet another temporary tattoo with the Zip on it. Jet asked me to put it on him right then and there. I had a bottle of water with me, so we poured some on a Kleenex®, and used it to get the tattoo good and wet and get it stuck on.

We rode to the big mall, and then walked clear across to Foley's as I had to get my Origins hit. Knowing that I'm going to be in Portland in December has made me very reluctant to pay shipping for Lush items, since there's a store there. I needed, however, something to tide me over until then. The Oil of Oley moisturizer has already given me more zits than I had for the previous two years. So I had to get something. I also wasn't too sure of the cleanser, either. So I ended up getting a four-pack of samplers, including mint shampoo, two facial cleansers, and an infinitely easier to use tube of the salt rub. They used to sell the stuff in tubs that picked up an immense amount of water in the shower. I'm glad of the new tubes.

The lady selling me the stuff was too pushy for me. She had out nearly $200 dollar's worth of stuff in 5 seconds, trying to overwhelm me with everything I "needed" at once, and some of the implications of needing some of it was rather... unflattering. I ended up with a three-month supply of the white tea moisturizer, but that was about it. Bleh. That's why I hate going to a department store. AND she forgot my free sample of anti-stress stuff and I had to ask for it.

Jet was just excellent the whole time I was looking through everything. He had asked for popcorn and I told him I'd get him some when I was done. He believed me and, indeed, when I was done, we went and bought him a bag of popcorn. He munched away happily and we headed out. He really wanted a gum ball, too, but when we got outside, he saw the jumping castle. So I paid two bucks and got some time to just sit and think while he jumped, ran, bounced into other kids, giggled, and had a great time. Yay!

McDonald's lured him out. I got a lychee frozen bubble drink at the tea place, and we ran for the Zip, caught it with the help of an elderly man who helped get the front of Jet's stroller in. We got off at the McDonald's and Jet had to run around the building twice before he was finally convinced that there were no tubes. I was pretty sure he wouldn't eat much, so just got one four-piece Happy Meal. Jet spoke directly to the lady and asked, "Please, may I have a Jeep?"


He was lucky. They still had a few and they were swapping over to some motorcycles that weren't nearly as cool, as the Jeeps squirted water and could be used in the bath. He had to eat one nugget before he got his toy. He ended up eating only one fry as well, as my estimate was correct. He mostly wanted the toy. So I ate his other nuggets, passed on the fries, and we shared his milk. He then used the potty without a bit of protest and we were on our way.

I debated a batter bowl from Williams Sonoma and getting my refills for my Franklin Covey, but, as John would have told me, those should wait until after my birthday, in case someone wanted to get me the bowl or a gift certificate for my Covey stuff. He's right. I just acted in his voice in my head and just didn't buy what I didn't have to, yet.

We got on the Zip one more time to get to the van, loaded up all our booty, and loaded ourselves into the van. Jet was asleep before I even got out of the parking lot. We headed home, waited for Daddy. I did a few things around the house, mostly cleaning up the garden, watching a little TV and knitting on Yet Another Christmas Sell sweater.

At six we headed over to Bob and Mei's with a giant zucchini, a bunch of garlic chives, and great appetites. Mei was making "finger food" of all kinds, with a big pot of rice porridge with thousand year eggs, meat, and lot of great things to eat with it. Jet had a blast with Bob and with the whole house. He explored and questioned and told stories.

It was great to just sit with them, relaxed, and just talk and enjoy each other. It's such a great friendship.

Afterward, we headed to Cold Stone, and Mei boggled at Jet getting mint ice cream with M&M's and a few gummy bears on top. All that sugar! Jet was a very happy boy even out in the cold in the front of the door. Mei needed my sweater as well, which was okay by me. I was doing okay and acclimating nicely to this great fall weather. I love the cool nights and the warm but not too hot days. Mmmm....

We went home, and Jet fell asleep nigh instantly when I picked him up after John had done pajamas, teeth, and books. Yay!

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