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Way Over Socialized Introvert...

It was a mistake, yesterday, to have had five hours of meetings in six hours of work and then spend the whole evening in a church meeting. Of course I only knew this afterwards, and Jet and I had plenty of excitement between work and the committee meeting.

I picked up Jet at the usual time and we headed into town with the intent of getting some bread. I should have known something was weird when I saw the barricade for getting onto Ken Pratt Blvd. It's one of the four major thoroughfares through town. A few cars were headed "out of town" along it, but they weren't letting anyone in. I circumnavigated that, and went through some parking lots and up to the Safeway parking lot, and found all of Ken Pratt blocked, one way or another, the way I needed to go. Being a typical American, instead of thinking there had to be a reason I wasn't supposed to go there, I just used my faculties to figure out a way to go where I wanted to go.

Only to find the Great Harvest Bread Company store was closed! Eventhough the sign said that they were open until 6...

Yeah. I know. I should have gotten the clue then that I just needed to get home or out of there, but, instead, Jet and I headed to the obviously open Safeway and went in, got our bread, and on the way out asked the clerk, "What's up?"

"Oh, there's a huge gas leak, just up the road. You can hear it from here, and smell it, too."

Oo... smelling natural gas is not that good a thing... and now that I knew about it... well... no. I couldn't smell it. I just took our groceries into the van and loaded Jet in and headed home the clearest way I knew how. We still ran into intersections where the lights were out as someone had turned off the electricity. We did smell gas where there were no lights. It took us a good half an hour to get home, and on the way there were a few police directed intersections, and I made a mild point to call out, "Thank you!" as we passed each one. I saw one of them smile at that. Yay!

Home for just minutes, and because traffic was so screwed up, we took our bikes to the meeting, as there was a path there without roads or cars. That was good.

No one was hurt. They fixed the problem. We saw it on the evening news. I'm glad no one got hurt in all the craziness.

I ended up exhausted, mentally at least, with all the people interactions I was doing all of yesterday, and it overflowed into my dreams. So I didn't sleep all that well. So it is...

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