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Quiet, Fun Birthday

John and Jet were up early and let me really sleep in. I needed it, too, as I was coming down with a pretty bad cold. We had a really minimal breakfast, but I sipped a mug of great coffee while Jet helped me open presents. Yay! Presents!

Kathy got me a great Comicon t-shirt with the logo for the new Dave McKean movie on it. Mom and Dad got me a cashmere shawl. Jet and John got me a timer/instant read probe thermometer! We'd lost my old one while using it to time Jet for going to bed and stuff. The new one is lighter, has better readings, and can actually pick tempuratures according to the type of meat involved. So John can now just set it on the meat type and go without having to ask me the exact temperature range. *grin* Dave got me a set of William-Sonoma red mellamite mixing bowls, light, strong, and beautiful with a wonderful rubber ring base for no-slip use! Have I read the advertisements a few too many times? Carl got me a gorgeous anime series with kid angels. I'll have to figure out what it really is, sometime.

Yay! Quite the haul.

I hit the Zicam, as I could really feel the cold trying to squash my head.

Then we headed out the door with an ice chest filled with cold packs, and headed for Denver. We stopped at the Ocean Pacific an bought a bunch of stuf there. Lots of things I haven't had or seen for quite some time, including fresh "rice cake" (direct Chinese translation is more like sticky cake). They look like two inch long, flattened lozanges of a rather chewy rice substance. I also got fermented sweet rice, a good hand of ginger, and lots of bean sprouts. Yum. I also found half a dozen frozen young coconut water cups in the freezer section, and plenty of other stuff I wanted.

From there we headed to the Emperess. Sudpito and Kakali along with Sandra and Quinton were already there! Yay! Bob and Mei showed up and then Lynn did as well. There were two, fascinating, whole roast pigs on red tables, likely for some wedding, in the front lobby. I found a third in the back. Wow. They were not held at anything even approximating an ideal food temperature, just out at room temp looking very tender and crispy around the edges. My.

We then went through about two tablefuls of dim sum. We were crowded a bit close, so it was a good amount for us, but we had all kinds of things as a result of everyone being able to have just one or two of everything. Yum. This is the best way to have dim sum. I added Singapore rice noodles (curried) and a big plate of Chinese broccoli along with all the usual suspects, and we were all very content. Jet had eaten half a sticky rice, and Quinton impressed me a great deal by trying most of the dozen things that he'd asked to be put on his plate. He did great.

It was good to share the time and the food with friends.

When we drove home, Jet fell asleep nigh on instantly, and I dozed on and off, until we got home, when I immediately went to bed and slept for a good three hours. Jet had his usual one and half hour nap and got up sneezing. John and he did a bunch of things together, but John needed to run a few errands. So Jet and I played for a while as John ran his errands.

I knit Jet a sock from light weight sock yarn. He loved trying it on as I was figuring out how long it should be. When it was done, he begged to have it put on and then ran around the room, sliding on one foot, walking firm with the other, until the socked foot finally slid out from under him and he cried. But two seconds later, he was off stump-sliding some more and singing. Hee.

I made the nien gao (rice cakes) for dinner. I boiled some water, and boiled them for a few minutes until I bit one and it was chewy all the way through instead of hard. Kind of like fresh pasta. It was great stuff. I then stir fried red onions, beef, bean sprouts, and cabbage along with ginger, garlic, soy, wine, and a little squirt of sesame oil, and added the pre-boiled cakes and some chicken stock I'd found in the freezer. I stir fried it all until it had melded together a little and the cakes could pick up some of the juices. It was great. John and I ate the whole pound of the stuff, together. Jet wouldn't try even a single cake, but ate pepperoni, crackers, and cream cheese quite happily.

We had cream cakes from the bakery for dessert. John had promised me a pecan pie for my birthday "cake", but hadn't gotten around to making it. I didn't mind. I'm sure he'll do it sometime, and he does a mean pecan pie and it was good to do the cream cakes while they were still good. Jet refused all cake, and drank down a big glass of mint herbal tea with honey as he said his throat hurt. His nose was running, too, so I'm afraid he has the same cold I do. I'd done the Zicam religiously, today, and with the sleep I felt pretty functional.

Jet did great all day, and had used the bathroom whenever he needed to, so had a good clean and dry day, today. He was pretty happy with that, as I was, too. We had a mild battle in the evening, when Jet really wanted me to read his books to him, but I was pretty tired and sick. John was willing, but Jet didn't want him to until he started reading. Then Jet had a blast, and, afterwards, he said, "Thank you!" to John. Whew...

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